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We are a badass crew of ambitious babes
that will help you chase your dreams.



Our mission is to help you take your throne. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a boss, or simply a woman with a vision, we have what you need to feel
inspired, motivated and kickass confident.

Yes, we’re supportive. Yes, we’re encouraging. But let’s be real: we’re not
your mama’s sewing circle. 

This isn’t about sitting around talking about what we wish we could do.
We have the exact tools you need to harness your dream and
ride it all the way to the bank.



You can sit with us

So what does it mean to be part of our  #girlgangOur girls are rising from painful pasts and forging new paths. We’re evidence that you can be fearless and kind, ballsy and graceful, smart and ready to learn – all at the same time. We’re grateful for what we have, and know we deserve so much more. We’re dreamers, makers, and action takers who support each other and don’t take shit from anybody. Sounds like you?

Then claim your crown, hustle hard & get ready to make your mark!