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November 25, 2020
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Practicing Gratitude to Achieve your Goals

Gratitude is realizing the good that may be present even in a difficult situation or by finding a silver-lining. Gratitude is realizing how abundant you truly are. It is also knowing your self-worth and understanding that you can achieve everything your heart desires.

What is Gratitude?

We all have heard of gratitude and being grateful but what does that really mean? Gratitude means being mindful and in the moment so you can observe everything that you currently have in your life. These aspects may be within you or they could be external materials or people important to you in your life.

Whenever we look outside of ourselves because we want something or think we may even need it, it is important to pause for a moment and appreciate all that we already do have. It is not bad to have wants or goals. You can still buy or strive for the thing you desire; that is of course your decision as a consumer and goal getter. However, by implementing a mindful pause of gratitude in the moment and looking at all you do have, you can view whatever you are pursuing with a different lens.

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Gratitude is realizing the good that may be present even in a difficult situation or by finding a silver-lining. Gratitude is realizing how abundant you truly are. It is also knowing your self-worth and understanding that you can achieve everything your heart desires. You do not need any external material or person in your life in order to feel whole and complete. Every single day presents us with new opportunities to be grateful and appreciative of our lives and accomplishments. Being grateful can also help us see things as they truly are in a more positive light. Living a life of gratitude is living with a feeling of a whole and abundant heart.

What Are The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude?

There are many benefits of regularly practicing the act of gratitude. First off, you will begin to see the world you live in under a new light. Being grateful will allow you to become naturally appreciative of everything you already have in this world, in order for you to realize your limitless potential!

There are also personal, energetic benefits to practicing gratitude. When you shift into a state of gratitude you create a more positive mindset and you are changing and expanding your entire aura. Your aura is always surrounding you and it is thought to resemble your personal energy field. These sheaths of energy around you can change frequencies depending on your vibration which is affected by your thoughts and feelings in any given moment. Having a positive aura allows us to open ourselves up energetically to receive abundance. You may have heard of the act of manifesting, or making a wish. These practices go hand-in-hand with the need to have a positive vibration in order to receive whatever you are seeking.

If you are constantly a rather negative or pessimistic person, you will repeal things out of your life whether that be your next promotion, your relationship, your goals, love or money. Things will not come to you naturally if you are constantly running around with a negative mindset.

To become a super attractor or manifestor our energetic aura must be shifted to a positive vibration! Once you do this, you may begin to see things start showing up in your life quite easily. You may not even have to work as hard or put-in as much effort in order to achieve your goals (wouldn't that be nice!) Opportunities will be much more readily available and clearly presented to you now that the Universe will be able to welcome abundance into your life. You may notice that you all of a sudden become lucky or discover possibilities you never knew existed for you. Keep an eye out for these gifts!

How Can Gratitude Help With Achieving Our Goals?

There is no limit to what we can receive and achieve once our energy is open, and our vibration is positive, radiating from a place of love. This is simply the law of attraction which states, “like attracts like.” If you are pessimistic, negative and carry much self-doubt, that is likely all you will primarily receive in life. However, if you are positive, appreciative and realize your worth due to how abundant you already are, then you will attract this same love, light and incredible possibilities to radiate into your life!

With this new lens of gratitude you may also realize what it is you truly want and the why behind your goals and desires. By practicing gratitude in the moment and taking a step back to see everything you already have, you may end up realizing you do not actually need this goal, item or person at all that you were pursuing. We often crave things for the feelings or emotions we believe that they will bring us in order to allow us to experience love, happiness or success.

However, once we realize that we already have all of these feelings and emotions within us, the power that these external materials have over us are weakened. We discover that we can tap in and feel these emotions whenever we would like to. If you would like to try this exercise, close your eyes and think of all your loved ones. Notice how they make you feel and allow your body to become flooded with the sense of love that you have for them and that they have for you.

When we release the real meaning behind our longing need for our desires and goals then there is no longer any energetic strain surrounding this aspect of our life. We know that we do not need this thing in order to feel complete, accomplished, loved or happy. In return, this opportunity may begin to finally present itself to us as a result of releasing the energetic tension surrounding this goal or desire. Watch everything that you have ever wanted begin to appear into your life. Now understanding that you don’t need this thing, it is your conscious choice to decide if you would like to accept the opportunity presented by the Universe.

By implementing a simple practice of daily gratitude, we will be able to positively change our energetic field in order to receive and open ourselves up to all this world has to offer! We are worthy to have everything and anything we desire but we may be subconsciously closing ourselves off to these opportunities due to a negative outlook. Practice gratitude to welcome abundance into your life and achieve any goal you put your heart and energy toward accomplishing!

How Do You Practice Gratitude?

In addition to practicing gratitude as it arises in the moment and noticing all of the abundance around you, I invite you to implement a daily gratitude practice either first thing in the morning, at lunch or before bed. Journal, meditate about, or think of 3 things you are grateful for each and every day. Make gratitude a part of your daily life to become consistently sending out a positive vibration to the world and to truly open yourself up to receive all that the Universe has available for you!

The next time you find yourself feeling ungrateful or hopelessly needing something, take a moment to pause, look around you and within you to see all that you already have. Once you realize just how abundant you truly are, you will live a much more fulfilling and happier life and your goals will become your reality!

Article written by Bridget Martin and edited by Janet Escobar.

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