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November 25, 2020
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How to Stay Committed to your Goals

What are your priorities? List the top 5 things that are truly important to you right now. This might be any of your goals, your relationships, your family, your career, or your healthy habits. Write them down now to make it clear to yourself what you truly value in your life!

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘commitment’? Commitment can make many of us intimidated and even fearful. We assume that commitment can sometimes be an unattainable challenge depending on what we are attempting to commit to. If we do not know how to prioritize our commitments, or why we are even committing to something at all, then we avoid scheduling them into our daily lives. We often will then find ourselves frustrated and overwhelmed throughout our lives. However, there is a solution to your commitment doubts and worries!

Begin by looking at how you have been showing up for your commitments recently. Do you get a positive and joyful feeling when you think about your commitments, or instead do you feel a negative and frustrated impression? Look at your emotions surrounding your commitments and identify how you are prioritizing your time right now. How does it feel when you prioritize your time as you currently are?

It is never too late to learn how to commit more efficiently in order to start showing up more for the things that matter most to you in life! You may want to recommit to your goals, your relationships, your career, your family, your interests or your healthy habits. Whatever it may be, know that it is possible to commit to those things, regardless of if you have or have not in the past. You can and will start showing up more for yourself and for others if you consciously want to make the effort to!

If you are ready to begin prioritizing your commitments, practice this mindfulness, journaling activity to narrow down what aspects you want to commit to in your life and learn skills to stay committed to these things consistently throughout your day!

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Journaling Activity:
Begin by taking a deep breath and tuning into yourself for a moment. Notice your breath without judgement and let everything from your day fade away for the time being. Prioritize taking this moment for yourself and to focus on you!

1. Get Your Priorities Straight
What are your priorities? List the top 5 things that are truly important to you right now. This might be any of your goals, your relationships, your family, your career, or your healthy habits. Write them down now to make it clear to yourself what you truly value in your life!

2. Recommit
Know you can recommit to your priorities. Now out of that list you just wrote, write a new list with the things you truly want to recommit to moving forward. You won’t be able to commit to something you subconsciously don’t want to commit to. Make it clear and known to yourself in this moment that you are consciously committing to these priorities.

3. Create Your ‘Why’
Reflect on why you want to commit to your list. Will these things make you happy and feel accomplished? Or are you prioritizing feeding your ego and committing to things that do not truly serve you? Get very clear on your why for each aspect of your list before moving forward.

4. Your Commitment Level
How much time do you have available to commit to each aspect of your list? Out of the aspects you have listed, write down how much time every day you want to spend focusing on these commitments. Each thing can have a different amount of time that you are choosing to spend showing up for.

5. Be Realistic
In order to set yourself up for success, you have to be realistic. Now go back and cut the amount of time in half for each commitment, to make this goal actually attainable. You can increase the time you spend daily on your commitments once you start proving to yourself that you are able to show up regularly each day. We need to be realistic about the time we have available for our commitments to prove to ourselves that we can truly commit.

6. Scheduling

Now focus on scheduling these commitments into your day. Grab your planner or digital calendar and fill-in the open spots with times you want to focus on your commitments. Try and stick to a consistent schedule at first and allow for flexibility only once you have been regularly proving you can make time for your priorities for several weeks.

7. Celebrate
Most importantly, don’t forget to celebrate! Make sure you celebrate when you successfully show up for your commitments to create positive reinforcement in your brain to help you continue to be consistent with your commitments. Take a bubble bath or treat yourself to a frozen yogurt! Do something you enjoy to reward yourself for your hard work! Commitments are not always easy and we must celebrate the positive changes we make in our lives.

8. Be Held Accountable
Get an accountability buddy! If you can, do find someone to hold you accountable surrounding your commitments. Share this list you made today and your new schedule with a partner, a friend or a family member and let them know where you will be focusing your priorities moving forward!

9. Be Patient
Finally, make sure you are patient with yourself! There may be days where things don’t work out how you’d like or you don’t end up showing up for your commitments. Remember that you are learning a new skill and this can take some time! The act of committing is both a state of being and a practice. Know that this is a journey that will only allow you to grow!

I invite you to complete this journal activity a few times a year to observe without judgement how your commitments may be changing and evolving! It is important to honor ourselves if we no longer consciously want to commit to some of our current priorities. Take a step back, re-do this activity and determine what matters most to you in this moment! Life is too short to be misusing our time, love and energy! Always be honest with yourself so you are able to regularly commit to those things that light you up and fill you with positive energy!

Article written by Bridget Martin and edited by Janet Escobar.

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