Start Getting A Consistent Flow Of Clients with Lisabella Mansillo


Start Getting A Consistent Flow Of Clients

I know you can be booking clients on a consistent basis!  The problem is so many great coaches and service providers do not have a solid step-by-step Marketing Plan, and are rather trying everything and everything!  The truth is you will succeed if you have a solid Marketing Strategy in place.  I have a 9 step formula my clients use, to double even triple their clients in the first month, and to book clients when they have never booked clients before!


About the author

I have 15 years Marketing experience under my belt; starting my career is Real Estate, I grew very passionate about the Marketing, New Business and Customer Relations side of the business.  Although Real Estate was not my true passion, it was perfect experience for me to launch my own Marketing Training & Coaching business.   

I teach entrepreneurs and small businesses how to leverage Social Media and other Marketing techniques to get their message out to more customers and grow their businesses and income.  My speciality is creating lucrative Sales Funnels which bring in clients and sales every day; I design Sales Funnels for companies and offer comprehensive training if entrepreneurs want to learn how to do their own Sales Funnels!

My mission is to provide affordable training & coaching to entrepreneurs and small business owners and over-deliver on value.

I can show you where you are missing out on business oppotunities using Social Media and Marketing. For your free 3o minute discover call click  here

Marketing, Social Media and Building Brands that Bank is my Superpower. The digital world can be utterly mind boggling and too often entrepreneurs are just not achieving the success they desire.  I cut through the noise and speak your language, keeping things simple and smart. Your time is too precious to be wasting trying to figure this out by yourself.

I have many tried and tested tools up my sleeve, know what works and what does not!  I personally have built a thriving business in a very short time, and have used the tools and techiques I teach, to help many other business owners turn their businesses around!

I love helping small businesses and entrepreneurs master the art of online marketing and build successful digital empires!

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