The Ultimate Guide to Building a Bad - Ass Business by Rachel M.


The Ultimate Guide to Building a Bad - Ass Business

It's time to really focus on your goals and take your career & income to the NEXT LEVEL! Funny thing is we really have no clue where to begin.... Find out how a Millennial Mother of two broke out of Corporate America and built a Million Dollar Business from scratch with her husband, when their backs were against the wall and ALL ODDS were against them. This Kick-Ass Planning Guide, will help you narrow your approach and focus on that next step you want to take when advancing in your career or building your business!! It is eloquently designed with the Busy Woman in mind who is motivated to ultimately Slay Her Goals!!! Are you ready?


About the author

As a wife, mother of two and Co-owner of one the largest childcare centers in her hometown with her husband, Mrs. Rae is no stranger to the unique plight of ‘balancing it all’. Having achieved a Master’s degree in Business, she recognized the void of platforms that fully cater to the fashionable and business savvy mom. Amidst her inner circle of friends, she was always eager to provide tips and tidbits for managing a full plate. Rachel has now combined her love for style and Mompreneurship, to produce the innovative new brand, She’s Ready! Inc.