Surviving the Dick Clique by Holly Caplan


Surviving the Dick Clique

Surviving the Dick Clique is finally here! This book opens with a very strong and colorful definition of the dick clique that will lead you into chapters about Holly Caplan’s experiences as she rose through the male dominated corporate ranks in the medical device industry. It reviews her 20 years of stories, lessons and rules for the coming generation of women who dive into the deep waters of this still unchartered territory of the dick clique. Let her experiences and rules apply to whatever male dominated industry you may be venturing into or living in now. It is raw, honest and sexy -- and will definitely make you laugh.



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Holly Caplan has been in the medical device industry since 1997.  She learned soon into her career that prospering in the industry required adopting group values of the “dick clique” and membership in that clique would come with a battle – a battle to preserve personal and professional identity.

She writes about her experiences and shares it with women who are just entering  their careers or are in the throes of their success. This book will shock, entertain, and inform.

Caplan plans on writing more books about women in the work place – with a comedic and gritty spin.

She resides in Dallas, Texas.