For The Love Of A Killer: Deadly Beginnings by Ayneka Scott


For The Love Of A Killer: Deadly Beginnings

“To choose life is death in itself; death will in turn give you life again...”

Akyrra Commander is the extremely efficient and cold blooded hitwoman for the city’s biggest drug dealer and her lover, Saimon Maddison. Operating like a ghost, she manipulates the shadows to get her mark. She loves her job a little too much, revels in the spilling of blood. Sometimes, it bothers her. Most of the time, it doesn’t.

But she’s hiding a secret. The dreams have started again. In them, she lives as different women pursued by a handsome, hazel eyed man who ignites a passion within her so fierce she can’t help but question their unspoken connection. And whenever he shows up, red-haired death sweeps in and ends it all...

The man from her dreams has stepped into her reality again and he’s shaking up her world. First, he approaches Saimon and then he goes after William, her childhood best friend. Soon after, the redhead appears on the scene and now Akyrra knows that the battle for her life and love has begun.

Old lovers are reunited. Jealousy is renewed. Loyalties will be tested. And Akyrra Commander will finally learn about her own Deadly Beginnings.


Autographed copies can be purchased by contacting the author via her Facebook page: @ayneka.scott or Instagram page: @mzhoneypotc


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Born and raised in South Carolina, Ms. Ayneka Scott aka R. Marlaan Rush, keeps herself busy with being a full-time mother, working and writing every chance she gets. Although she has no formal education in creative writing, the first series she has penned, The Honeypot Chronicles, has 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. This is all thanks to her natural talent for bringing imagination to life. With her previous three books being in the realm of erotica, Ayneka plans to flex her writing muscles in the urban fiction world with her current novel, “For the Love of a Killer: Deadly Beginnings,” which already has 4 and 5 star reviews. A drama/suspense novel is next with the sequel to Deadly Beginnings soon to follow.

“Writing isn’t a part of life…IT IS LIFE!”