10 Golden Rules to Slay your Goals (workbook)

10 Golden Rules to Slay your Goals (workbook)

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In this 80-page workbook, we will teach you the 10 Golden Rules that you should follow to make all your biggest dreams come true. It’s filled with exercises, tips and tricks to give you that push to make your vision a reality and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Here are the 10 rules that we will discuss in this book:

  1. Dream it

  2. Believe it

  3. Envision it

  4. Write it down

  5. Strategize it

  6. Plan it

  7. Work it

  8. Be consistent

  9. Don’t give up

  10. Make it happen

Babe, get ready to chase your vision and slay your goals! :)

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