Your business needs you to take a break


If you're anything like me, then you live for vacation. A weekend getaway to somewhere warm, sunny and fun. For a small business owner, it's just the break I need to clear my head. Funny thing is, no matter how much fun I'm having, my business is always at the front of my mind. "I really should be home working." "My to do list is not going to finish itself." I could go on & on. As much as a break is necessary to reboot, it's hard to break away, especially in the beginning stages of building a business. I believe, however, that disconnecting is important to your growth & development as an entrepreneur. So, how should you do it? Well, I have a few ideas.

1. Here, take my phone
The easiest way to disconnect is to not have your phone, even if it's only for a little while. Hand you phone off to a friend that won't give in to you when you begin having phone withdrawals after 3 minutes. You can even leave it in your hotel room for an hour or two to enjoy some vacation time. I promise you'll survive.

2. Off with the email
Ok, so I know #1 is easier said than done. So, if handing your phone over or leaving it in your room is just not the option for you, turn off your email for a while. Turn off the notifications to pause the alerts for email messages. Many times, I utilize my do not disturb feature. I have a group that can always get through & everyone else is silenced for the evening. It allows me to temporarily disconnect so I don't feel obligated to respond to everything & everyone immediately.

3. You have an out of office button, use it!
That was directed specifically to me. I have NEVER used my out of office button since I’ve became a small business owner. When I worked in corporate America, I used it every single time I had a day off. I’m talking about a half day, a whole day, a whole week, 3 hours, it did not matter, I used out of office. Using the out of office is a powerful tool. It alerts anyone that contacts you that you are unavailable and when you will be available, while giving you the freedom to enjoy your time off.

4. Social media be gone!
Yes, I know, selfies and pictures of your vacation are perfect for social media. You will also find yourself checking your businesses social media, replying to comments and checking private or direct messages. Just for a little while, log off the social media. It is another opportunity to take some time for yourself and enjoy your time off.

Taking time for yourself is important as a business owner. It can be extremely hard to step away and disconnect but it is necessary to the continued advancement and progression of your business. So, take that vacation! Your business will thank you later!