You Should Keep An Eye On The Other Lane

In the end, we only regret (1).jpg

I think most people have driven on a highway before and are aware that there’s more than one lane. In fact, I can’t even begin to imagine how long the travel time in between destinations would be if done any other way. However, I’ve become an expert at glimpsing every so often at what’s going on in the other lane without losing focus of what’s happening in mine because in the event of a collision, detour, or an opportunity to accelerate at a more appropriate speed, I want to be aware of what’s taking place next to me for a smooth transition. Besides, blinkers exist for a reason. It’s okay to let the world know that you’re coming. It’s time to shift gears in your goal setting and turn on the signal of success so you don’t miss your exit to an extraordinary place of true fulfillment.

As a writer who dreams of one day becoming the author of her own book, being a keynote speaker at important events, the mastermind behind life changing conferences, mentoring programs, and possibly partnering up to do big projects in the community with other amazing artists, I get a little insecure and fearful at the thought of so many others who are already doing what I’m still praying to touch and get a small taste of. Will there even be room for my gifts? What if the culture veers elsewhere before I can catch up? Who will find my work relevant by then? It’s like watching the cars pass as you sit waiting, watching and waving for a chance to cut in. This is typically the period of time most people decide to give up. They assume their area of interest is already oversaturated and that it’s better to leave it to the people who are already “doing it” and that’s the WORST lie you could ever tell yourself. Sure, many of us share similar passions but that doesn’t mean we’re all headed down the same path. The biggest doesn’t mean the best. Never use popularity as your measuring stick. In due season, natural exposure will elevate you to places the “in-crowd” could never take you. And while they’re getting comfortable behind the wheel, it’s creating a space for you to cut right in with new innovative ideas and a fresh strategy that could spread like wildfire.

Be patient as God reveals your entrance. When you least expect it, your moment will come and you won’t have much time to get ready so use the downtime to take notes on what you should be doing in the meantime because you’re next! Believe that to your core and then confidently walk in those words until you’re living them.