Wondering and Wandering


If the title confused you, I hope it sparks just enough curiosity within you to find yourself on the path where they both intersect. You see wondering is more of a mental activity where you desire to know something. Wandering is a physical activity, where you tend to move with no specific destination. Now for a woman who thrives off of purpose and nothing but meaningful moves that bring me closer to my goals, both personally and professionally, I just crave to be carefree sometimes. 

Overthinking is exhausting. Mundane routines with the same expected outcomes get boring. This hit me hard after consecutive weekends of "Sunday Funday." I found myself in the mirror on those days getting dolled up to stand in long lines at the hottest spot, only to find myself in a corner with my girls holding a watered down drink and dreading the attention I thought I wanted from an attractive guy when I really wanted to be home in sweats, walking around in an oversized shirt and reading a book about some fictional character's random adventures. 

Adventure.....When is the last time I've experienced that? When's the last time YOU have? I'm just WONDERING. I wonder what would happen if I stopped planning each day down to the minute, from the time my alarm clock goes off at 4:15 a.m. for my morning workout to the moment I get home, eat dinner and drink a hot cup of orange spice tea (not exactly sure if that's the real flavor but my taste buds say it's fairly close) before bed.Don't get me wrong, I love the little tasks I do daily that give me an extra dose of energy and that innocent kind of happiness. For your sanity's sake, you should to. However, today I'm just WANDERING and it feels wonderful. I've been craving sweet potatoes so maybe I'll go to every store until I get my hands on the perfect batch. I may fall in and out of sleep until I have to force myself to get up from being too rested. Maybe I'll write until my hands hurt while SZA, H.E.R and Sabrina Claudio bumps loudly in the background. Haven't visited memory lane in awhile, that's a thought. Art and nature could call me unexpectedly and it's a good chance I'll answer but there are no appointments scheduled today, no agendas apparent nor hidden. It's me creating an atmosphere that I give permission to shift in any direction, as long as I get to keep my peace. I challenge you to shake away the stress of checking everything off "the list" and learn to sit back, let life happen and love every surprise it brings to your doorstep. Fulfillment is more present throughout the questions you run into while traveling along the journey than the arrival at the end of it. 

Refuse to fold under the pressure of performance. You don't always have to be doing. Being is more than enough. This mode, this setting, this feature you possess is a gift. Know when to turn everything off and flip the switch. That drained, depleted, disconnected person you become is not who you truly are. It's Usually your authentic self notifying you that it's time to recharge so you can stay the amazing soul you are. Greatness is a lot of responsibility so any time you can be a beautiful uncaged bird, catch the wind and fly freely.