Why We Shouldn't See Conflict As A Curse


Life as we know it, is full of ups and downs, basically conflict. However we tend to associate the downs with the conflict more then the ups. Rather then thinking of conflict as a curse, I would like to challenge your perception on this. Can conflict actually be useful? I think it can, and I am here to tell you why.

One of the main feelings associated with conflict is often discomfort and stress. So we can agree that the opposite of this then would be comfort. With comfort comes complacency. When we are comfortable we tend to let our ambitions fade at times, or may not prioritize things in our life correctly. We may not work as hard as when we are under pressure or have a deadline.

A universal example of this, is when we enter a new relationship. Initially because it is exciting, and new, and we want to do all the right things, even the most ambitious, or balanced person can find themselves letting their guard down, and taking it a bit "easy", enjoying this new found love in their lives. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking time off, or prioritising other areas of your life, it is very important to stay aware. Especially if our actions are not in line with the vision we have of what we want to achieve. While initially it is all rather wonderful, complacency and comfort can lead to later unfulfillment. So it is super important to be aware that though you may be currently hustling to keep your business and your personal life balanced, it is that conflict which is driving you to be the best you can be. It is that conflict which is encouraging you to make choices, and making you aware of what is important in your life.

In conflict then, we understand what it is we are passionate about. Why is it that the most successful people have endured conflict, and surpassed obstacles? While it makes a great story it is more than that. If we have big ambitions, and dreams to fulfill, do not be fooled, because we will be tested. Call it God, or the universe, both love a stubborn heart fighting for their dreams. It is your actions and perseverance then, which proves how much you desire to achieve. If in conflict we choose to persevere, then surely we are claiming that we deserve whatever it is we are hustling so hard for.

Conflict is not a curse. Conflict is opportunity. If we start thinking from this perspective, the game changes, and you will definitely be a game-changer. When an obstacle comes along to hinder our progress, perhaps the delay has saved us from something else. Perhaps delaying the launch of a start up, has enabled us to better prepared. Perhaps a date change for a business meeting, has allowed us more time to check for loop holes in our presentation. There is endless possibilities as to why we experience conflict as we do, and we can try to rationalise and justify them, or we can just accept it is for the greater good in some way or form.

We want the blessings, and if we truly want the fruit of the seeds we sow, we must accept conflict is a by product that's going to join us for the ride. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. It is the conflict, the journey, the struggle  that makes the dream even more delicious. As Tom Hanks said, "If it was easy, everyone would do it."