Why You Need Female Mentorship


Mentoring programs can help women in business succeed.  Some of you will choose a male mentor, while others will explore and benefit greatly from a female to female mentorship. Can you get great advice from a man? Of course, no doubt.  But female to female mentorship offer a unique relationship that you cannot get from a male boss or peer. Women face certain challenges that are exclusive to women and a female mentor who has experienced similar challenges herself can help you address them head on.  The value of the female to female mentorship cannot be measured. There is just something special about two women coming together for the benefit of helping the other one succeed.

Having a female mentor is empowering.  Female mentors have learned to tackle a list of firsts.  The first woman CEO, the first woman to sit on the Board of Directors of a company, the first woman to have a talk show, to name a few. Through their mentorship and guidance, you can forge your own firsts.  Female mentors can show you how to be fearless and from their experience teach you what works and what doesn’t work as well as what things just need a little improvement.

Here are some reasons you should consider a female to female mentorship:

  1. They have walked your walk. When looking for a female mentor, look for a woman who has walked your walk and succeeded both at home and in her career.  Whether she is single, married, has kids or no kids, she will be a great source of information if she has walked a similar path as you.   You’ll want to hear all her tips for success and then take that advice and incorporate them into your life. There is just something therapeutic about bonding with someone who can relate to where you are currently in life and where you want to be in the future.

  2. Build your network. Female mentors will introduce you to other women who have similar interests or similar stories as yours.  It’s like they have a friend, who has a friend who has a friend that can help you. A great female mentor will introduce you to all three friends.

  3. Help you meet your work goals.  A female mentor has hit a few brick walls along her path to success, but has found ways to climb over them or knock them down.  A female mentor will use her experiences to help you build the tools and knowledge you need to climb the same walls or knock down a few of your own.

  4. Learn a skill.  You cannot learn everything from a textbook.  Many times, on the job training or hands on training gets you to where you need to be a lot quicker.

  5. Friendship. Sometimes if you are lucky, your mentor will become a life-long friend.  The mentorship becomes two-sided and you are both giving to each other.

If you have been lucky enough to find a great mentor then pay it forward.  Be available for someone if they reach out to you for advice or guidance. Share your insight and experiences with others.