What's Your Biggest Fear?

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Have you asked yourself lately: What am I afraid off?

My darling leaders, today we are going to tackle a complex paradox. Fear. Fear is merely an emotion caused by our brain in times of uncertainty, danger or distress and yet most of the fears we have are based on illusion - the simple thought of “what if something bad happens.” You see, our brain’s ability to sense danger and send us warning signals in times of real danger is what saves us from possible tragedies, and for this, we are grateful. This is where fear translates into positivity.

If we can find a way to turn our greatest fear into fuel for passion, we will conquer our greatest enemy. The enemy within. The voice that says “you can’t”. How do we transform fear into fuel for the heart?

First, we must understand what fear is. We must acknowledge that fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of speaking, along with the fears you hold onto, is a fear that has intruded its way between you and your dreams. It has caused you to second guess your abilities and put a stop on achievements. This is the first step to conquering it. The second comes with the realization of – the flaw in our society.


The flaw in our society

As children, we have been taught to fear the unknown. We have been taught to never speak to strangers and to stay in our lane, where “safety” is assured. We have been taught to follow the crowd and to speak only when it is our turn. Oh, but the tragedy within this flawed premise we have been born into has not only made us complacent with the norm of things, but most tragically it has killed our love for curiosity.


Replacing fear with curiosity

What are we to do in a world where fear is a driving force? We must replace fear with curiosity.

To become curious, we must first practice by asking questions. About everything. We must ask why, how and where? We must become self aware of our choices and ask ourselves if our values align with our dreams, and from here return to our child-like states and become once more a wonderer and a seeker of truth. This is the golden ticket to kicking fear to the curb and breaking free from the straining walls build up around us by the illusion of fear.

And be ready to allow curiosity to drastically change your life.

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.
- Marcus Aurelius