What To Do When You Need Inspiration As An Entrepreneur



Being an entrepreneur is hard, especially if you’re the whole operation. Not only do you have to have an idea that serves a want or need of a specified target market, but you have to develop that product or service. You have to market that product or service. You have to manage the accounts, you have to fix any issues customers have, you have to grow your online presence, you have to invest time and money in learning so you can do all of these things, and you have to be your own life coach in the process. You are the only one responsible for how successful (or not successful) you are. That’s a lot of pressure for one person! What’s a girl to do when she needs inspiration during this long and lonely journey?


What do you want your life to look like?

What necessities do you need to live comfortably from month to month? What privileges do you want to have access to? What impact do you want to make? Answer these questions when you’re wondering what the purpose of all your hard work is. You can even take to Pinterest and YouTube to see others living the life you want to live yourself. When I see the things you want for yourself, I think to myself, “Well the only way to get there is to keep grinding, so let’s get it!”


What are successful people in your niche/industry doing?

I’m an online presence strategist who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners reflect their business goals in their website. Most of what I do centers around business and web design strategy, so when I need inspiration, I look read articles and watch blog posts about these topics. Reading and watching videos about these topics sparks my interest again and helps me keep moving forward. I turn to Ted Talks in the business category and YouTube channels for my inspo. Where can you find yours?


Learning is inspiring.

I’ve mostly talked about how you can look at other people’s successful lives to inspire you to improve your own, but what about expanding your knowledge? I love to learn new things. Whether it be getting better at something I already know how to do, or learning something new altogether, I always find it so inspiring that I know how to do this thing. What can I do with that knowledge? I spend my time learning new business strategies, and it makes me want to improve my own business. That’s exactly what I end up doing! How can you use learning to inspire your own business or career moves?