What Female Leaders Can Do to Empower Other Women to Succeed


“When women support each other, incredible things happen”

Women empowerment is such a powerful force. It’s inspiring to see women coming together to achieve success in their careers and communities. In a decade where collaboration triumphs competition, more female leaders are stepping up to empower women to claim their successes. If you’re a female powerhouse with a mission to inspire others, here’s how you can start.

1. Join a networking session

Networking sessions bring people together. These days, many networking events are held in co-working spaces, business seminars and conferences, so seize the chance to meet other hardworking entrepreneurs and innovators.

If you prefer one-on-one meeting, personal networking is the best way forward. Some female leaders take the time out of their busy schedule to network with other aspiring leaders. These coffee meet-ups or lunch meetings normally comprise an exchange of career advice and business strategies.  

The next time you receive a Linkedin message or an email requesting for networking session, say yes. You never know who you will inspire next.


2. Speak in a women’s empowerment workshop

With the rise of female empowerment workshops such as Girlboss Rally and Create Cultivate, female leaders are commanding the stage to share their business expertise and experiences.

If you’re a field expert or womenpreneur with stories to share, give these events a go. Most attendees comprise aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up founders who are seeking for lessons and advice on running a business.

Every female leader should see themselves as the fuel that ignites the fire in every woman. All it takes is one motivational talk or inspirational speech for someone to step out and seize their dream. You could be the final push they need.


3. Send a social media shout-out

Have you come across a news article about a female athlete who won her first Olympic medal, a writer who won a Man Booker Prize, or a founder who secured a million dollar funding?

How about we celebrate every news and success stories from every woman out there? If you know someone who worth the confetti, become the person who tweets congratulations or sends a social shout-out praising their achievement.

When you radiate positivity and support within the community, we promise you that the same energy will return ten folds. Aside from that, there’s always an upside to sending kind words to others.


4. Become someone else’s mentor

Mentoring has become a great tool in imparting knowledge, skills and expertise to others. Apart from paying it forward, female mentors can also receive the rewarding experience from helping someone to be the best version of themselves.

Mentors will get a front-row seat in guiding someone else’s journey and watching their progress grows. Imagine seeing your female mentee rise to the top thanks to your encouragement, advice and support. Isn’t that inspiring? Remember, every contribution matters in transforming aspiring women into successful leader themselves.

Women who support each other can create incredible things. Since the movement has inspired the creation of a supportive community among women, there’s no better time to seize our dreams than now. Whether it’s through networking or mentorship, female leaders play a significant role in empowering women to create the same success for themselves.

So female leaders, it’s time to show us how it’s done.