What Fear Does To You


Fear: the inevitable enemy of faith. Sometimes we underestimate the enemies that are close to home, maybe because they help us to accomplish something or maybe we have grown so accustomed to them that we can’t do without them as they help us to feel alive like: in The Originals series where Camille did not want to forget the gruesome event that led to his brother’s demise because it gave her purpose.

I’ve faced fear many times.. Recently, I became so afraid to venture out of my cocoon that I ended up being vulnerable to failure and thus lowering my self-esteem and having to eventually work harder than I had to. The fear that I experienced left me incapacitated, I thought “this must be the end I am not strong enough to handle this at all.” and yes before this, I used the fear of failure to help me achieve some of my grandest goals but now the fear had taken root in me so much that it dictated my every move and I lost my sense of purpose.

But like most normal people, it did take a while for me to snap out of it, even though it took a power and a strength much greater than mine to realise that the fear and intimidation cannot govern me. It made me realise that some problems you can’t solve on your own, no matter how much resolve we have, we all need that somebody that will yank us out of the fire when it gets too hot to handle, we need a voice of reason in our chaos, an anchor when we have tendencies of straying away from home so that we find our way back.

That voice of reason can be a friend, a group of people that you relate with that have overcome the problems that you are facing or that know more than you do, because let’s face it there is always something that someone knows that you don’t know, so in essence we need each other. In my case I had a mentor whom I have not seen or spoken to in a long time, so during my latest encounter with him it was as if my fear of the unknown and of failure had evaporated and suddenly I knew what I was capable of again. I was refreshed to speak.

And I also got to meet up with a group of ladies who are bosses of their own companies, and they gave me a rather simple solution to one of the problems I was facing and being in their company helped me realise that I just needed these queens to help me straighten my crown and organise a joint slay, then I am ready conquer the world.

What I am trying to put forward here is that sometimes to overcome your enemies including those you never thought would be enemies, for example in my case the fear I used to fuel my passion became my crippling point for some it may be the methods you use to deal with issues that overwhelm you, like overindulging when you are supposed to be on strict diet or are supposed to be working on growing your business. For most of us students it’s the things we do to “take a break” that kill our academic careers because we will without doubt in the beginning be able to manage them and then eventually fall prey to the very things that were helping us to be productive. We need help, thus be humble and ready to listen to other people no matter their status in life some humble pie never killed anyone but have some scepticism, always.