Use What's In Your Toolbox


I’m not a mechanic by any means but I know you can’t have an empty toolbox when it’s time to fix something that needs to be repaired. However, I’m one thousand percent sure that every set isn’t the same so it’s important to know what you need and not concern yourself with what’s missing.

You have been given a unique assortment of skills that may not reflect what others around you are holding but if it’s the key to a once in a lifetime opportunity, don’t let it pass you by thinking you need something that isn’t even necessary for the next door to open. I have friends that are lawyers, doctors, counselors, teachers, and managers within their respective occupations so you can imagine the different level of degrees, training, and knowledge that each one of them are required to have in order to be great at what they do. Then there’s me. Though I obtained my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, I’ve spent majority of my time working with various non-profit  organizations who have missions that align with my passions. The secret that’s not really a secret is, I need more patience, trust in God’s plan and a platform for my accomplishments more than a Master’s, Doctorate’s or special Certification. It doesn’t mean I’m not just as intelligent or capable but it’s not a mandatory part or piece that’s required to be screwed in or hammered out in order for me to achieve certain benchmarks. Why waste time decorating the vision when you could be living it? Please refrain from folding under the pressure of monkey see, monkey do. Be led by what is right for YOU! It may look silly compared to those who are in high positions or who are praised for their works according to society’s standard of success but when you finally make it, they’ll want to know how you did it with the limited resources available to you. When the truth is, you’ve always had more than enough for the dimension you were destined to rise to.