Unleash your inner Boss Woman - Prt. 3

 Image: Janice Joostema

Image: Janice Joostema

Hip Hip Hurraayyy! πŸŽ‰

Congratulations on your graduation, queen!!!

Well 'graduate-to-be' at least. You'll need finish this article first before you can start to slay your life as a Boss Woman!

Before you read any further...

This is the last of three posts in the series titled "Unleashing your inner Boss Woman" and if you haven't seen any of the preceding posts, you can read them here, just so you can follow on what we've been discussing.

 Now that you've learnt how to unleash your inner boss and show her forth, you've came a long way. Congratulations again! **loud cheers and pinks balloons**

Next, you're going to learn about your art. This has the biggest potential to fulfill you on a whole different level. Only if you're dedicated to master it. 

One more thing.

All our blog posts are words. Just words with potential power unless you deliberately take hold of them. The "I've heard it all before"-syndrome will blind you and steal your opportunity. These posts will change your life if you let them. Are you ready?



Final episode : Mastering your art

We need to talk, queen. Did you ever see one of those movies where the hero slowly becomes one of the bad guys? Aside the fact that we all need an unpredictable plot twist, you'll always feel bad about this turn of events. The good guys are good guys and they win your heart usually from the start. Seeing them doing something bad, makes you lowkey mad. 

Fortunately for us, this is real life and we get to tell the people we love about how wrong a potential decision is going to be for them. We get to say, "hey love, this isn't you. You're better than this".

Let's get to the point. We don't want you to be one of the bad guys...

This might come as a surprise to you. Of course we haven't forgotten that you're a kind, loving, ambitious queen who wouldn't hurt anyone. In fact, that is why we're having this conversation. 

"Queen, the world needs you and all the gifts and talents and bits that make you unique, and not giving them that is equal to stealing from them."

This might come as a shock to you but it's true. Someone out there needs you and your art. That thing, or those things you're passionate and knowledgeable about. They need them. Whether is poetry, music, design, consulting or tecchy stuff. They need you to share your message.

"But this is all clichΓ© and who needs me with all this wealth of information and innovation out there?" 

You may be thinking this while you're rolling your eyes. The truth is, people may have done the things you love and are trying to make a living and build a legacy out of it, but it's not the same. It never will be.

Master your art

Everyone looks up to masters. Do your skills need a bit of polishing? Well good then, you're worth that investment.
Do you need some extra practice? Then, dive right into it!  


What stands between you and what you want to become? The master of your art.
You get to define that term but you also have to make it work to become reality. That's what queens do.
If you consider yourself a master. Excellento Perfecto! If not, that's still great. To know now means you get to be better.

Give it all you got. Show up everyday. Consistency is key. Value is paramount. And only by giving value consistently builds trust and brings you results.

Speaking of trust. Money is a trust. People will only put their hard earned money in your hands when they can trust you. Trsut that what you offer them is worthy and valuable to what they pay you for.  Always put people first when you make a living with your art. Find ways to satisfy their needs. Your art was meant for them too. 

Can you imagine the power in changing your mind about your situation? In finding and being yourself? In taking the steps to get better? And going ahead to find ways to master your art? That's the power Boss Women possess.

You can be all that queen, that's who you truly are. Don't hold yourself back.

Back to our graduation ceremony!
You guessed right. This post is going to be a bit different from the previous post.

Announcer : Next on the program is the graduation speech delivered by The Female Hustlers !

*Loud cheers as the team takes the stages with our joint slay. One of us moves to the podium to deliver the speech*


Women everywhere are redefining the labels that once held us captive ashamed of who we are. Now we embrace that we can be "boss" when we want to. We take charge of our lives, we take responsibility for our actions, we're not afraid to lead, we rise with wisdom from our painful pasts and most of all, we're not afraid to be the whole package.

We have learnt that we can change how we think and use our minds as tools to aid our success, we know who we are and what we deserve. We deserve the very best, and that's why we act the way we act; with kindness and grace. That's why we have high standards even for ourselves. 

This is your chance you queen, to step up and leave your mark. Women have cleared paths for you and never has it been easier to shine forth your unique light. We charge you to think through this carefully. 

*What do you want to go down in history for?* 

You were meant to rule this whole damn world. This is your chance. Make us unable to forget you. Make our daughters want to be more because of you. The ball is in your court. Play to win.

Thank you.


*speech ends with silence as every one ponders over the potential power of these words*

And yaassssssss! Congratulations queen! You made time to read a blog series as an investment in yourself. You're unstoppable! 

Welcome. Welcome fellow Female Hustler.


We hope you found this series helpful. Tell us in the comment section how this helped you and what it inspired you to do, not do or do differently? 

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