Unleash your inner Boss Woman - Prt. 2

 Image: Marianna Hewitt

Image: Marianna Hewitt

Hi there Queen! 👑

**clears throat**

Well just because the world steps aside for women who know who they are and have a clear sense of where they are going, you'll be getting more respect, admiration and the head-turning thing now you've unleashed the Boss Woman from the inside. Now it's time to learn to do that on the outside. When you master your art, girl there's nothing you can't do!

PS. This is the second episode of the "Unleash your inner Boss Woman" series. If you didn't read the first part yet, check it out here to get a better understanding.

If you already have... 

We really hope that when you saw the image of your beautiful self in the mirror this morning, you didn't forget to smile to yourself and be proud of how far you've come. Well if you didn't do that yet, get your ass to the closest mirror and savour the beauty of that amazing woman in the mirror. Hurryyy. Really, we'll wait.

That wasn't bad you see:) You should be doing this more often...

Now let's get to today's agenda!


Episode 2: the outside

Have you every seen a woman that radiated that boss vibe? You beheld her beauty, admired her grace, interacted with her intelligence, saw how she went about things and it 100% inspired you. She made you want to step up your game right? That's what Boss Women do. They don't have to say a word to give you that feeling. Maybe you may have compared yourself to her and felt you couldn't match up to her.
Well, we have good news for you love! Whoever you thought of, whether it was Oprah, Beyonce, your favourite movie star or someone you know personally. You can be as boss as them (yes we officially made boss an adjective) as long as you're willing to invest in yourself and understand that you have to be your own kind of boss. Yes Queen, you have to learn the rules of the Boss Game then add your own style aka play it better or dominate. It's totally possible.

Let's assume you just saw or even interacted with the Boss Woman you admire for the fifth time this week. What did you notice from the time you first laid eyes on her walking in your direction to when you interacted with her and got to know her?  

That would be easy to guess because all boss women have the basic boss woman traits...

Here's a picture of Micah Gianneli to aid this imagination process...


You most likely noticed that like all boss women:

1. She knows and takes good care of her body.

We are visual beings and most of the time the first thing that gets our attention when we see someone is how they look. A boss lady with unkempt hair, wrinkled clothes, make up that does not suit her and a slouch? #nonexistent  Not only because no Boss Lady has dared to take that path but more important, boss women understand that
*the world will value you at the price tag you put on yourself, so that price better be high to suit you!* (tweet that!)

You don't have to be a size 2 to be a boss. You get to choose your own goal weight as long as you take good care of yourself.

Break a sweat girl and eat food your body will thank you for. We can tell what you eat and how you eat it by how you look and how it makes you feel ! Pay attention to your appearance because even though it is not all there is to you, some of your success depends on it!

Action Steps: Here a few things you can do today as you commit to taking better care of yourself like the boss woman you are!

Start a daily fitness practice
Working out and eating healthy isn't only for when you want a bigger booty or stronger legs. Boss women incorporate a fitness practice into their daily routines to help keep them on top of their game. You can start with green smoothies and very simple exercises that makes you feel energised. You can even search for a fitness challenge on Pinterest and try it out. The benefits are priceless!

Find out what type of skin you have and the best ways to keep it healthy
Girrlll that skin better glow! Write down all the things you can do to make your skin be the best it can be. Use natural skin care products. Wash your body daily and drink lots of water!

Also, don't forget to make sure that the makeup you use is good for you, match your skin and looks good on you. You don't have to be a pro but as a boss woman, your make up #betterbepopping !! You don't have an excuse now that there's more than a million tutorials on YouTube. It's worth that time investment, Queen.

• Now that you know what type of skin you have, it's time to know what type of face and body shape you have. This will help you choose the right type of clothes as well as the right hairstyles for you. Don't look just okay, but SLAY! Make a statement but above all, you should feel good. That's what we Boss Women do.

One more thing, wear a nice perfume. Choose your signature cologne. And smell bomb under any circumstance! Queens attract queens, remember that.


2. She carries herself with grace and makes an impression

The moment that boss woman walked to you, you knew you would never forget her, and she hadn't even spoken yet. That's the kind of vibe we're talking about! We're not asking you to be perfect and fake. Best believe people will see through that every time and not take you seriously. Boss women rule and people who rule are people who invest in themselves, are nice and genuinely want to make a difference. These people cannot be forgotten because despite all the negativity in this world, they chose to defy odds all the time and remind us that we can be better.

Here are some ways to help you make your impression and carry yourself with grace:

1. Work on your posture and your walk. A Boss will not slouch. Sit up straight. Stand up tall. Chin up. You have nothing to be afraid of. And when you walk darling, oh when you walk, walk confidently like you have three men walking behind you. Own the  ground you walk on. You are so boss and don't apologize for it. As time goes on, you could create and perfectionize your signature walk.

• Your manners. Girl your manners ought to be impeccable now that you know you're a Boss. No room for pettiness and mediocrity in Bossland!

• Smile. Be nice to to people. Greet them with a firm handshake and repeat names aloud with a smile when it's the first time meeting someone.

• Speak clearly and eloquently. We want to listen to you. Speak up. Don't be mean. Be generous with compliments. Show us you're secure to see our beauty and notice the things about us without feeling threatened. 

• Be punctual. Let us know you respect us, yourself, our time and yours. Then, we'll have no choice but to take you seriously.

• When you make a promise as a Boss, your word better be as legit as a signed document. 

• Offer help gracefully when you can. Don't burn yourself out.

• A Boss manages her emotions. Never ever let your emotions get in the way off your manners, dear Queen.

3. A Boss woman shows her personality gracefully and expresses herself properly

Back to our current imaginary boss lady deduction. It's easy to tell when she knows what she's talking about. Of course she's not doing all the talking. In fact, she's doing most of the listening, slightly smiling and nodding while keeping eye contact. When she has to make a contribution, she leaves you amazed at how well-read she is. She will stand for what she believes and never be afraid of what the other one thinks.

Action steps

• Feed your mind. Books, articles, podcasts, videos etc. that teach you something new about different topics you're interested in. 

Boss = beauty + brains

• Stand in the mirror and practice self-expression. Speak clearly. Pay close attention to your facial expressions and your gestures and perfectionize them. 

• Listen more than you speak.

• Notice all the facets of your personality as written in your self-discovery journal and let it shine! 

4. She is well-rounded

Breathe. Take it in. The good life. You know, one of the most amazing things about being a boss woman is that you get to take charge of your life. Make it deserve a stellar for the way its organised. You can't have a boss woman who's unable to control her emotions, unable to control her time, has terrible relationships yet is a spiritual gangsta. It doesn't work that way. Harmonizing the elements of your life gracefully will make you feel energetic, confident and ready to take on the world. For maximum productivity in all areas of your life. For a fulfilling life, plan out your activities in each area and make sure you create a schedule that serves you well.

We usually advice that you define the parts of your life such as your social life, work, spiritual life etc. You can break it into as many as possible or what suits and make sure you're doing something each month in all the phases to make sure you're growing, living fully and being as productive and effective as possible.  

5. She has good relationships and defines her standards

You are a boss woman, darling. Don't let anyone walk on you. Define your boundaries. What will you accept and what won't you accept from people based on your wisdom gathered from past relationships and experiences? Define how you want to be treated and what you will tolerate. Don't lower your standards for anyone. Be comfortable saying 'no' when what they ask of you is not in line with your values. It's not selfish. In fact you will be able to help better when you take on the things you truly want and are enthusiastic about. 

6. She has a tribe of other amazing supportive women

If you've met a woman that seems to have it all together, she will probably have a tribe of other women who are supporting, correcting, praying for, applauding and helping her to grow. They have her back at all times. This adds to her confidence, her knowledge and generally makes her a better woman. We definitely recommend you to find a tribe of at least three people who can be available and want to see you win. It will help you tremendously in ways you never saw coming. And don't worry, we The Female Hustlers are with you, rooting for you every step off the way! 

We hope you enjoyed this post. We want to hear from you. What was your biggest takeaway from this post? Comment below!

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