Unleash your inner Boss Woman - Prt. 1

 Image: Nada Adelle

Image: Nada Adelle

Whoop! Whoop! We are super super delighted that you're here!
To prove that it's not just talk, we've put together an amazing series entitled...




Don't worry, you didn't get the first title wrong. Technically, After Unleashing The Boss Woman aka Queen in you, you slay your Queendom so gracefully and effortlessly.

We made these series as actionable as possible and even went ahead to include some resources to help you on your journey!
And this will cost you exactly $0.00. Yes it's free! Told you we got you! 

These series will help you go through your journey to being a totally badass Boss Woman.
Each part will cover, what we like to call here at The Female Hustlers: the stages of growth.
We will talk about growth from the inside, the outside and a bonus third episode mastering your art.

We truly hope that you find these series eye-opening, educative and enjoyable.
The world is watching and waiting for you and we are praying and rooting for you. Don't forget that :)

Let's get right in it!


Episode 1 : From the inside

You see, dear woman, never has there been a time better than this to step up, create your lane, write your story and leave your mark. There's nothing wrong with looking for your grandest vision and overcoming your fears to bring your vision into fruition. 
In fact, you should define success for yourself, then go to work and make it happen. Make sure you commit to it and do something each week to make it reality

Running into the wild without a self check and some preparations, will cause you some unneccesary stress. Most of us have learnt this the hard way. Now don't get this wrong, this is not a warrant to overthink everything and try to get the tiniest detail perfect. There's no such thing. We're only saying: you need to step up your game and be your own woman right now!

Honey, do not try to be someone who you already are.

Don't get lost in striving to be the Boss Woman you hear about everywhere. 

Okay, now that we got that glued to the back of our minds, here are five things you need to know to unleash the Boss Woman in you:

1. Have the Right Mindset
You have to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed no matter how hard it is. You have to understand that failure is not an option. This might seem really basic and easy but the truth is, no matter how many times you hear this or how many motivational talks you listen to, it is what you believe at your very core that inspires your actions.

If you believe that you're no good, your actions will inspire results that will affirm that belief. It's easy to compare yourself to that flawless girl on social media with her gorgeous skin, beautiful clothes and expensive car. This might seem harmless at first but trust me, it will show up when you need to make important decisions and take risks.

So what's the way forward?

2. Do a mind check now
It's important to notice and get rid of those beliefs that hold you back now and will likely hold you back in the future.
Don't stress about it. The truth is, everybody has limiting beliefs at some point. In fact, our brains are programmed by our environments and experiences. Thoughts as "I'll never be pretty enough" or "I'll never be financially free" are limiting. 
They usually come from the environment you lived in or the experiences you had and that's totally normal.

3. Get rid of these bad thoughts
One simple way to do that, is by writing down what your dream life is. Take the time and visualize every aspect of it.
Now why aren't you living that life now? If your answers are things like: "I'm not smart enough", "I'm too lazy" or "I don't make enough money", then you are 100% limiting yourself.
"But that's the truth", you are probably saying right now. No honey, it's not. If your answers were like: "I'm not there yet because I'm still working towards it, but given the strategies I've put in place, I'll be there in two years", it would be obvious that to you, nothing stands between your dream life and you than time. You would be more excited about life and when things get rough, you won't be so discouraged because you know it's all a part of the process. Are you still following?


Action  step: Now that you've found your limiting beliefs what do you do? Well the truth is, there are many things you can do but the simplest is to affirm yourself. It works so well. Repeatedly affirming yourself is a great way to reprogram your mind and make it believe something new. In science, it's known as autosuggestion, and it means you're reprogramming your subconscious mind, which controls your belief system, you think differently. We could share a thousand and one testimonies about this but time and space will not permit us to do this in this article.

Here's what you need to do. Repeat this everyday as many times as you can: "I am confident. I am intelligent. I am financially independent. There's no challenge I can't handle". Everytime you speak, be mindful of the negative things you say, and rephrase them them to be more positive. You will notice a shift in your moods, how you feel about yourself, your actions and ultimately your results. It's true that you won't change in just a day or two, but don't let it discourage you. Have fun with it. Tell your friends to help you notice the things you say that are negative. Find ways to make games out of it. Give your self some time. You'll notice amazing results. Trust me babe, we know :)

4. Self Awareness
We believe strongly that before you can ever grow in life, you have to be aware of the state of your life. For example, if you've not noticed  that the health problems you're having are because of your weight, why would you want to invest in a gym membership or choose salad over pizza. It's essential to your success as a Boss Woman to know who you are on a deep level. It will help you take better decisions in your work and personal life.
We all know the saying "to know better is to do better". Well that applies here too!

Like the legendary Mikki Taylor once said: "Living requires a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes your life soar from within."

Women who have a strong sense of who they're and where they're going are revered because they cannot be messed with or be easily impressed. (Tweet that!)

Dear Boss Woman, what is your own definition of success? No, not what is expected of you or what your people think would be a successful life for you. What did you decide for yourself? Yes. You read that right. You get to define what a Boss Woman means based on your own prefences. You get to live that despite what people say. Stand in your truth honey. Own who you are. What are the experiences you've had - the good and the bad ones - and how have they shaped you the woman you are now? 
Yes dear, you don't have to run from that anymore or cover it up. Face it, this is what life gave you. Handle it like a boss and choose to let it serve you, choose to leverage it.
Instead of being fearful because of that broken heart. Choose the wisdom that situation holds and let it set you apart.
What makes you happy? What makes you mad? What is your biggest regret? What is your greatest achievement? What are your values? These questions are good places to start with. Take some time alone and answer these for yourself without anyone's opinion. Boss Women are their own women.

Use these answers to make better decisions that serve you well and find the parts of you that need improvements. That's how you grow. As a Boss Woman, improvements in every aspect of your life should be priority, as well as seeking and being your own truth. That makes the difference everytime. Be the woman who's always getting better, and forcing those around her to level up!

Oprah said, "You have to tell yourself the truth everyday, you've got to know when you're pretending and you've got to know when to stop, because nobody ever reaches what the creator intended for them as long as you're pretending to be something else. And you've got to get really still, still enough to know the difference between what you want and what everyone else has decided that you want. That's how you find out who you really are..." 

Action step: Start a self-discovery practice or journal.
Sit everyday in silence for five to twenty minutes with self-discovery questions. Write down your answers in your journal and find out what this has taught you about yourself and how you can improve yourself now and in your future.

5. Self love, Self Care and Confidence
There's something empowering about a woman who radiates confidence in everything she does. Such a woman, knows who she is, works on her weaknesses and projects her strengths. She accepts and loves herself and it shows to everyone as confidence.
You're amazing in every way dear woman, you're smart and you're different. Anything contrary to this is not your truth and you shouldn't believe it. This is your time to love you for who you really are and stop trying to be like the people you admire.

A long time ago, a motivational speaker showed a lot of influentials as part of her presentation. Then she said, "The goal is not to be like them. It is to be as unlike them as possible". That saying is super liberating if you allow it. Do you realize that your looks, your perspective, your past and the fact that you are different are the very things that give you a chance to leave your mark.

Love yourself. Love yourself first, I dare say. Love yourself and treat yourself the way you want others to love and treat you.

In fact, this post is asking you to do exactly what they say. If you don't love yourself properly or treat yourself properly, how will you set the standards for loving and treating others well? Look closely dear, the standard for loving your neighbour is loving yourself. You can't give what you don't have. Raise your standards high. Notice the things that make you happy and do it for yourself, go on dates with yourself, buy yourself some flowers, be honest with yourself about how you feel and what you want to do. Find out those attitudes that you wouldn't want in a friend and commit to working on them. Fall in love with the things about you that you cannot change, the way your body looks, the colour of your skin, your perpective etc. If you're not sure how, start saying to your self how you love your skin, your feet etc and see how you begin to feel better about yourself. This principle works.

Loving yourself and taking care of yourself will help you be a more loving person because you realize that your happiness does not depend on anybody. You become so full on your own that you can give and give love without having to force other people to go your way, change who they are or even drain them because you are using them for your own self love deficit.
Loving yourself is definitely the basis of all strong relationships and guess what?! It makes people treat you better! Would you take someone to a $1.99 buffet when you know they dine only in the most expensive restaurants? Or would you buy a co-worker an ugly watch with the baddest quality? We don't think so :)

You're a queen, dear woman. Love yourself, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Treat yourself like the queen you are and you'll begin to get the results queens get.

Action: Take some time for yourself tonight. Take a warm bath, prepare your favourite beverage or relish your favourite cool music. Think of all the amazing things about yourself and all your achievements, great and small and see that you my Queen, have a lot to be proud of. If helps if you write it down as well:) Also, we would be lying to you if we told you that even one of us here felt confident all the time and never ever felt like "omg what the heck am I even doing?!" But you know what, we always bring it because we choose to be confident even if we don't feel like it. What are you waiting for?! Fake it till you make it!! Or even better, Faith it till you make it! Show up and conquer the world! Notice the things that make you confident and do them for your self as a form of self love and a not a way to hide your insecurity. Affirm the oppsite of that insecurity and work on it. We believe in you!

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