The Leader in Her


I’ll take the raw truth over sugar coated illusions

A leader dressed in elegance; she walks in strength, she is the woman of today. Her charm, grace, and confidence shines through as her smile lights up the room. She is the one born from fire as the Phoenix from the ashes.

Savor your coffee and read on my darling. This is about you.

A truth well known in our modern day that still lingers behind the curtains, is that women are less powerful business doers due to their feminine traits and although this is something that has begun its journey to its' final destination, I find that some women are still trying to prove themselves in the business world. Allow now for a step back and let’s define good business women in order to categorize her by the structures society has built for her because ultimately society will have her believe she should fit inside a box, that she should lower her voice and take less risks, the world will have her believe that she is far too fragile to handle serious transactions - but she, the confident woman of today is here to change the world. She is here to conquer her fears and take the risks – to break away from the norm which society has created for far too long.

I am here today, to remind her of her limitless power that she holds but is not fully aware of.

She is a creator, a designer, an inventor and above all, she is the future. A future that is open to the beauty of feminine creativity.

Now that we’ve established our stand, let’s dive into the basics of success for the modern female entrepreneur and what it takes to bring her dreams to reality.

Jim Rohn said “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Yes, with discipline the journey begins.

Think for a moment if you’ve ever truly accomplished something great without setting a goal, writing a plan and action. All great accomplishments in life require a form of discipline, created by your own rule book, one that fits you as a person, and mirrors your character. But indeed it takes more than discipline for a dream to come to life, - it takes focus and it takes energy.

A magical word for those who understand its true value, energy affects each aspect of our life.

Making use each moment as it comes

Each day we are faced with new challenges, new obstacles new road blocks that tend to drain our energy due to it’s negative influence as it has the ability to take over the mind unless it is caught and brought to awareness.

A simple exercise that I have been sharing with the female leaders in my life, is one I call “catch and release”. A negative thought comes, I catch myself thinking it thus becoming aware of it, and within a moment I turn it positive and release it back into the Universe. This has helped me and if you begin to practice it within your daily life, you too shall experience its benefits.

To conclude, the woman of today is one who has been through challenges and come out on top, she is the one who has reinvented herself and found her voice at last. She is you.