The Ultimate Success Mantra


I Think I Can!

I know this is going to sound super cheesy, maybe even a little childish, but whenever I’m feeling down or doubtful or defeated, I stand in front of the mirror and look myself straight in the eyes and repeat I think— I think I can— I think I can.

Yes, it’s the same mantra that the Little Engine That Could repeated as she chugged herself over a steep mountain to deliver a bunch of toys to children in the city. And it’s the same mantra that’s gotten me through countless dreadful days in my business and grueling workouts at the gym.  (Yup, that gym thing that doesn’t only start on January 1)

The goal is to make your mind work for you, not against you. It’s so easy to forget when we’re on our daily grind, the importance of staying positive in order to pull ourselves through adversity. We get fly high very easily, but we also get sucked into the slump just as fast. And in the middle of the black hole, somewhere mid-way through the darkness, we say good buy to all the good feelings subconsciously and even get annoyed by positivity. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of those social media posts stating, “Yes, I’m sure we are only supposed to post positive thoughts and high vibes, but…” Well – no “but” about it, and no, no one is “supposed” to do anything. Secret, however, is simple: nothing is born out of negative mindset. So nothing is wrong with sitting in the victim corner. It’s perfectly comfortable and inviting, but we needs to be honest with ourselves and realized that nothing is growing from that place.

Yes, the easiest thing to do when faced with a daunting task is to give up and go home. We think to ourselves, “I’ll give it another shot when I’m more experienced” or “Screw it, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone”. But we both know that these are just excuses to quit. And you can walk away at any moment, but again honesty is needed: nothing changes from walking away. Truth is all situations are temporary. Even in the worst moments “I think I can” stands true because in the least, you can stop or change your thoughts about the situation. You may not be able to change the situation, but your reaction and your feelings about it is up to you at any given moment.

True, you’re not accountable to your family and peers. You’re accountable to yourself. And in my opinion, that’s far more terrifying. You can avoid the people in your life if you want to, but you can’t avoid yourself. And I can forgive anyone on the planet faster than I can forgive myself, especially because I know what I’m capable of so to put out anything less than would certainly weigh down on my conscious.  Because inside you know that you’re more brilliant, powerful and persistent than you’re willing to give yourself credit for. The self-accountability is a powerful emotion! It requires for you to give up the blame and take full responsibility for what is happening in your life. You know that blame and opportunity don’t live on the same street.     

Whether you’re considering too create a new product or going in for your investor pitch, even if you don’t quite believe it, still repeat to yourself I think— I think I can— I think I can because if you tell yourself this enough times, you’ll begin to believe it. And everyone’s belief in you starts with your own. And soon enough, you’ll do the things you thought were impossible – because you can.