The Things You Should Tell Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up


One Monday I was super exhausted because I was starting a new project and I had spent the whole weekend at work as this new project required me to learn some new skills, but all those hours of practice I had just put in didn’t seem enough. So here I was with this group of friends (also my church mates). We were talking and when the fatigue was setting in, I started grumbling about how I spent all that time learning, how I may not even be able to do the task I was given properly, how it is so hard to even understand anything I am taught (I blamed it on the lack of sleep though☺ ) and how I may never get it right even after trying over and over again.

The thing is I was a straight A student in school, I was a peer tutor, I was involved in so many things and I was good at all of those things so it was very, very frustrating when I was given this project at work and it took me lots and lots of hours to even understand it. As we were talking, one of the ladies said “you can’t talk like that!” At first I thought “oh yeah, another Christian! I mean this lady doesn’t know how hard it is to be me, but here she is telling me not to complain, hello? Say what now?”

But then I looked at her, looked at all she had achieved and was like “but really what was she going to say that I didn’t already know? What is she doing that I am not? She and her friends got exempted from exams in university, they get promotions and they are really good at their jobs.”

She told me that what I say is what I will eventually have because as I speak, everything has to shape itself into what I have spoken (hello bible study), at first I thought it was just something we were told in church or at some motivational seminar, but I am a very curious person, so I went and searched for information on what they were talking about and I learnt that some of the richest people in the world one case in particular which is close to home was the one I saw in a video on YouTube titled “God-sized dreams” by Beverly Angel where she spoke of how her husband would speak what he wanted everyday even though they did not have much at that time today they own a mobile network, a bank, an online Theology institute, they are published authors and they have so many other sources of income and foundations with which they give back to communities on top of having a worldwide ministry.

And as I got to learn more about this couple and what they have been through I realised that my negative self-talk has been contributing to my lack of progress and success. (And my small dreams were also limiting me). So I decided to stop restricting myself, but to rather act now before I’m too old and unable to enjoy my hard earned riches.

Beat the Monday blues, tell yourself that you are already where you want to be (I am not saying you shouldn’t work hard anymore I am just saying a little dreaming never hurt anyone), positive words are like fuel for your soul and your spirit, they stir up your inner tenacity and that spills out to the outside with lots of positive energy and eventually you’ll be shining bright and beaming. I know we can’t all be happy every day, there’ll  be something or someone that breaks our hearts ,so do cry, scream or deal with the sadness however you can (please don’t hurt anyone ) , and once you get it all out, slay like you were never sad. Someone said “I get 5 minutes of being emotional every day and then after that I slay”, never let tough times make you change your vocabulary.

So if you want to be a doctor, call yourself Doctor Caroley or if you want to be a billionaire do keep saying billionaire boss Caroley. Don’t let that freaky Monday tests or the new projects change your stance on who you are (Winner!).

I know it may be hard to remember that you aren’t supposed to speak negative over your life especially when you’ve grown so accustomed to all the negativity around you, I remind myself of this fact by putting up sticky notes with little reminders of who I say I am and who I say I will be on my mirror, on my door, on my laptop and anywhere I look every day. Now I know that when a new challenge comes or when I have another project whatever the outcome and whatever I feel I will be saying “Project I have arrived, get ready to get slayed”, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY to keep that dream alive and believe again that you can get there?