The Power Of Your Money Mindset


Money – the topic of the world

Looking back at history, one of the things which we can depict is that money brings freedom and freedom brings joy. Money itself does not equal to happiness, but the financial freedom that comes from wealth accumulates to many different gifts; one important one being; a better quality of life, therefore making us healthier, in allowing us to choose our best nutrition. On my quest to understand the power of money, I have learned that the bottom line is this. – Our current financial situation equals to the mindset we have towards money.

Why is mindset important?

A wealthy bank account is a reflection of a healthy mindset. A positive perspective towards money and understanding this is the first step towards a wealthier you.

The importance which our mind has towards financial freedom, lays in the positive feelings we subconsciously associate with monetary value.


It all comes down to belief

I want to ask you to reflect on your beliefs about money. Take a moment now and ask yourself: do I believe that “money is the root of all evil”? If the answer is yes, then you must understand that all while you wish to become wealthier in life, the odds are universally against you, simply because of this disempowering belief you hold. The good news is that now, you have a choice. The choice to shift your perspective and understand that although money doesn’t equal to happiness, it equals to the ability to create and one of the most important factors to happiness – that of giving back. - If you have the ability to give, to help those less fortunate, than happiness awaits you. You heart will feel more fulfilled and your quality of life, and sense of self will sky rocket. This is a universal truth darling, and so the next time you hear someone say that money is the root of all evil, kindly remind them that greed is the root of all evil, while you smile to yourself knowing your bank account is in perfect flow.

Letting go of negative emotions

Everything is a process. Learning to break the patterns of disempowering beliefs when it comes to money, takes conscious practice and self-awareness.

One daily exercise you can start to do is that of auto suggestion. Auto suggestion will allow your mind to begin a process of inner belief which will in turn create a new, positive emotion in regards with your beliefs. Begin the day by repeating a morning mantra to yourself such as: “I am grateful to live in abundance and to be able to give back.” This may seem unreal at first, as you may think that you are not yet living this way, but the more you repeat this, with honest intention and belief, the more your mind will start to believe it is true.

And always remember, as Napoleon Hill said – “your mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality” – it simply feeds off the thoughts you give to it. You hold the power, you hold the key.