The Power Of Questions

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My darling hustlers, lately I have been researching the most powerful tools available to us that we can use to better understand ourselves and our mission. The conclusion I came up it seemed simple at first but after personally taking a vow to practice my new learnings, I not only found it to be extremely powerful but also aiding towards my mission.

The mission – to find what drives me.

The solution – asking powerful questions.

I found that the most successful people have one thing in common. They know how to ask powerful questions. The amount of inner knowledge we receive from this one simple ritual, has the ability to change our lives. So, what are some questions we should be asking ourselves on daily to weekly basis?

The most powerful questions to ask ourselves are:
- When am I the happiest?
- What makes me come alive?
- How can I bring value to world?
- Who do I need to become to achieve my goals?

If we are honest with ourselves and allow for our soul to answer the above questions, we will find that there will be surprising answers that will be brought up into our awareness. From here, we must begin the process of trusting our intuition to guide us to live our lives as per our given answers. From here we must learn to create action based plans that work in harmony with our answers.

If we can find a way incorporate the tool of asking questions; a small, yet powerful tool, as a new activity or daily ritual into our lives, we will begin to take on a much more impactful role. We will find that we are living in our purpose and from a place of authenticity where our minds are clear of distractions and unproductive thoughts. We will be able to be more clear on what makes us happy, and our life’s vision.

My darling hustlers, let’s aim to create ripples into the universe, like pebbles on water; small yet significant so that we can inspire others to live from the place of creation, love and beauty. Now that you know questions are powerful. What are yours?