The Power of Purpose


We often equate butterflies to meeting soulmates and all the flattering things that makes a girl blush but what about that brilliant idea you can't stop daydreaming about? Or the beautiful dresses you designed and often hide in your sketchbook when someone walks by? What about the book that still needs to be written or that educational program for youth living in the inner city?

Have you ever had a nervous excited energy to just go after your heart's desires? Whatever that may be for you, I encourage you to pursue it relentlessly and maybe even selfishly. It is your superpower.

Do you feel that? The intense magnetic pull you're experiencing is your passion reaching desperately for your purpose so let them collide until they create the very thing you feel called to do. What holds us back the most are the unanswered questions and comparisons. What if I fail? What if they laugh at me? What if I'm not as good at it as those individuals who are already making names for themselves? I get it. But, what if you end up being one of the best to ever do it?

And sure, you'll have your share of critics but what if the love is so loud it drowns out the laughter? To keep it real, you can count on a few failed attempts because the pain of disappointment shapes and perfects the determination you need to succeed. It's a process but so is life. You weren't birthed from your mother's womb walking, talking and making things happen. There were phases and steps in between then and where you are now but look at you. You've learned and you've grown. There's more of you the world is waiting to see flourish and I know blossoming can be such a burden but your gift is a blessing we can't afford to miss out on. Opportunity has an expiration date, even for a fabulous woman like yourself. Hustle.

First, find what gives you ultimate joy and uninterrupted fulfillment. Imagine it as an escape that never leaves you empty. You are inspired and empowered in this particular dimension. It's a safe haven only you have the key to and when you enter into this place, life has more meaning. We are all searching for that special something we identify with to the point it becomes a reflection of us and when others encounter it, they'll trace it right back to us as well. One of my favorite clothing brands has a certain style that I recognize the moment I step foot inside the store and I beeline towards it out of instinct every single time, none of the other labels matter until I sort through every stitch of clothing in the Giani Bini section. You have something that people are waiting to make a beeline towards. Found it yet?

Once you've nailed down your "it factor", give it an extra flare. It is to no surprise that you won't be the first or last but you can certainly be THE ONLY of your kind if you establish your own lane. Be original and out of the box, completely unorthodox to the point it sparks curiosity. If it sounds like it won't work, it probably will. Play around with it until all the parts of it start to fit. Purpose is like a personal puzzle that gives others a piece of you, which could directly or indirectly manifest into an astonishing, life changing picture for them. The energy you put into your work can push hundreds and even thousands of individuals to gain a new perspective of who they are, where they want to go and what they want to contribute. Your destiny may help someone else find direction so let your light shine bright without ever being misleading. 

Now you know I had a third point. Paint your nails, drink your coffee or take notes. CONFIDENCE!

Don't you dare slave over an amazing vision like the one you've been silently laboring over if you're going to be too self conscious to flaunt it. You are the face of your brand and you have to believe in it before anyone else will buy into it.

The start may be slow but it'll eventually pick up speed and have your followers wanting to match your pace if it's relevant to their position and benefits their current condition. Like clockwork, they'll come looking for you so blow your mind and theirs! You've got it. Now use it. 

Discover. Explore. Conquer. 

P.S~You're unstoppable.