The Most Important Thing Your Marketing Strategy Is Missing



Isn’t it annoying when you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into writing a great blog or social media post but it just doesn’t get the click throughs and the engagement you want?

You’ve drafted great content, optimised it for SEO, maybe targeted an advert and included lots of useful information, but you’re still not happy with the results. So how do you get that all-important connection with your audience and those likes and shares on social media?

Through storytelling, of course!

Humans have been communicating through storytelling ever since the first painted symbols on cave walls thousands of years ago—and perhaps even before then, too. Nowadays, we share stories in countless different ways and social media is constantly changing the way we interact with one another. But storytelling still remains a vital way to stand out from the crowd in business and to get that sought-after engagement on your posts.


So what are the benefits of storytelling in business?


1. Storytelling is still one of the most effective ways to spark emotion and create that first connection with your audience.

It inspires people; it engages them; it excites them and compels them to take action. If people feel like they have a real emotional connection with you, they’re more likely to keep coming back.


2. It’s a way to build trust around your brand and draw in more followers.

Going back to the cavemen analogy: storytelling is a way to attract your tribe and stand out from the crowd. It helps to foster those connections you’ve made and communicate your personality.


3. Stories are a great way of explaining things.

To quote The Storytellers, “A story has a core message, but can be interpreted in different ways”.

Think of some of the most inspiring Ted talks you’ve ever watched. I’ll bet they were from inspiring entrepreneurs or individuals sharing meaningful stories that resonated with hundreds or even thousands of people.

Take Apple, for example. The brand was built through inspiring and innovative stories told by Steve Jobs. Now they have millions of fiercely loyal customers all over the world.  

Are you beginning to see the power of storytelling yet?

So how do you tell inspiring stories about your brand?

1. Connect with your audience through a shared pain point.

This is important right from the beginning of your post. Your initial aim is to establish a shared experience which will be the point of interest to entice your reader in.

2. Consider problems you have had and how you have overcome them.

An important aspect of any successful story is hardship and perseverance. Instead of glossing over  the difficulties you faced when starting up your business, for example, bring them to the forefront of your content. Then talk about how you managed to overcome those challenges.

3. Show your readers your personality.

This is an opportunity to paint a picture of who you are. Who are you as a CEO (or a working mother, for example)—what makes you ‘you’? And how did you get here? How could you express this though an Instagram post or even a video?

4. Make your story inspiring and motivating.

Make it something readers are touched by; something that they would feel inspired to act upon. The greatest stories are the ones that motivate others and it’s the powerful stories that go viral.