The Keys To Finding Your Rythm And Flow


Being a female hustler has its own set of roses and thorns. Emails, networking, planning, meeting, budgeting, and the beat goes on. Along with dream chasing and getting goals crossed off of lists, many of us wear other hats –wife, mom, auntie, sister, and friend. In the midst of all of the hats we wear, it is so important that we do not lose ourselves in it all.

Balance is one of those things we often strive for, but if we can be honest is something that can be a struggle to get and maintain. If you are searching for balance in your life and are having trouble finding, it may be because you are trying to split things perfectly in half or in proportions. For the female hustler, this simply does not exist. It may be more appropriate to think of balance in terms of finding your rhythm and flow.  

Everyone has a rhythm and flow, a cadence, or a beat that they march to. It helps us stay sane in the midst of the responsibilities, allows us to produce our best, and live our best. If you want to live in your rhythm and flow so that you can live your best life, consider these keys to accessing your rhythm and flow.  

Key #1 – Self Awareness
How well do you know you? What’s your personality type? (Click here for a fun assessment).  What drains you? What energizes you? What helps you refresh and refuel? The answers to all of these questions are just some of the keys to ensuring you live in your rhythm and flow.

Key # 2 – Environment
Have you ever noticed that you work well and produce best in certain spaces? Environment is everything.  Start paying attention to when and where you work best, produce best, and rest best. It all matters.

Key # 3 – Intentionally
Intentionality is the final key to living in our rhythm and flow. We must be deliberate about the key mentioned above - knowing who we are, what refuels us, and what environments are best for us. With that, putting intentional plans in place to live in our rhythm and flow is something we should do consistently as well.

If you ever feel like you have gotten out of that flow that helps you be your best, perhaps you are in need of a minor adjustment.  Take a minute to press pause and reset so that you can get back in to your rhythm and flow and putting out your best.