The Importance Of Meditation

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Oh how I embrace the art of meditation.
This ancient practice has proven to have effects on our own DNA and has finally re-surfaced in a way that is allowing us to tap into its power in the most simplest of ways: being still, here and now.

The impact of meditation on our lives has no equal for when our mind becomes completely still, it is in this moment that we become one with all there is. In this moment we are all, yet we are beautifully diluted into the oneness.

Cultivating the state of stillness requires only our good intention, for the benefits of this practice are endless.

Today we are talking about ways to incorporate meditation in our daily routines and why it is most important that we do not neglect this precious ten minutes of each day.

To start, I shall state that meditation has changed my life.
In a world full of chaos, I find peace within those most calming ten minutes I spend away from the world, each day. From this place I am able to change the circumstances of my life to better serve those around me. Ultimately it is the service we give back, that brings us the most joy in life. The topic of meditation is long, and the list of benefits is truly endless, but on my quest share my own
personal story in hope to inspire you to become a daily meditator, I will state that you owe it to yourself to sit in silence and find your peace. Not only here will you find the answers to the questions you may
have wondering in your mind, but here in this divine place, you are infinite. Here, you are one with the Universe, a part of the Ether.

If you find yourself asking the question if meditation is right for you? Know the answer is that meditation is right for all souls.
Start your meditation by simply finding a comfortable, quiet place and spend only a few minutes of your day allowing your mind to simply be. It will wonder at first; allow it. In a short time you will find that in those moments, and soon after your greatest ideas will submerge from a deep sleep. New
innovations will come wondering from your subconscious and you will become more creative in your day to day tasks. You will benefit from a calm in moments of agony and pressure and you will re-learn to breathe, to live in the moment and to smile at the world around.

Yes, meditation has changed my life. Allow it to change yours.