The Importance Of Being Elastic


Stretching is one of those leisure activities or hobbies that only feels good when it can be done comfortably at YOUR request, as you allow your body to take the lead in whatever it wants to do. God never gives me such a luxury when He decides to stretch me though. I’m usually thrown into positions that seem abnormal and leave me wondering what part of me will be dislocated when it’s all said and done. 

I’ve become pretty acquainted with two particular stretching styles and I’m sure you could guess that I prefer one over the other. I’m more of a static stretch girl, slowly and gradually. Life typically offers me the wildly ballistic stretches, intense movements that push my frame beyond its normal range of motion, farther and faster. It’s so much easier to build your business while you’re still bringing in an income from the current one. Healing from heartache isn’t as excruciating when there are arms to hold you after reckless hands finally release you. Getting back to a peaceful place, surrounded with supportive people who help you to regain your strength, is a much smoother transition when the road is clear, the chaos has settled and the individuals you’ve always counted on don’t make you question their character. But these paths are void of perfection, you will have more ballistic encounters than static experiences on this journey. However, your most unforgettable, unexpected, undefined moments will happen right at the cusp of your biggest bend. No worries, bending is not equivalent to breaking. You will arrive whole, healthy and happy. 

The most crippling fear of expansion is that it comes at the expense of being torn into pieces but it’s quite the opposite. Somewhere in between the drawing out and pulling in, you gain perseverance, a sense of purpose and the power to take what was once a temporary problem and turn it into a plethora of possibilities. You can’t crave something new without acknowledging the change it’s going to create in you. Your first instinct will be to resist the reach, especially if it hurts. Nevertheless, I encourage you to extend beyond your present circumstances to touch future treasures.