The Art Of Self-love

 Image: Nyané Lebajoa

Image: Nyané Lebajoa

Oh darling, just how much do you value yourself?

Are you aware that the values you are living by have guided you to become the woman you are. They have guided you to each choice you have ever made.

Those values are essentially a part of what make you, you. Your own unique truths that have added up and made you the beautiful woman you’ve become today. At times, it is our culture behind us that has taught us what it means to be a person of integrity, of strength, of grace. Other times it may be the books we read, our own mother and father, but ultimately it is the meaning we give to each value that comes out to be the beauty of our own truth.  A creation of self; A work of art.

Setting the standard high and letting your voice be heard

Us woman, must gradually learn to adapt to our new environments, taking advance of the new opportunities that come our way, but finding a way to do so in way that speaks deeply with our values. Finding value in the work we choose by remaining strong on our path of purpose.

But you may say, oh, it is so easy for one to lose thyself in the chaos of the modern world. Sure it is easy to take the simple way out, to overlook our truths, to temporary step into a territory which we may not thrive in, for our inner self cannot find essence here. Yes, it is easy to allow the world to dictate our states, but I am here to remind you that those who stay true to their own values, living in their truth and from a place of pure good intention, those are the ones who surpass the limits of time anf become timeless, those are the ones remembered for their love of the world and above all, their love of self that inspires us to be who we are, unapologetically.

The truth of the twenty first century ..

Oh darling, indeed the world is awakening. Stop if for a moment and realize that you, the powerful women who has gone through painful experiences, who has overcome adversity over and over, and above all, who stands tall before me, you are enough. You have always been enough. The moment your eyes first opened and your first screams came out making your mother cry of happiness overwhelm, that you have finally arrived, you have been blessed with a purpose and although it may take years for you to understand it, the self-love that is available to you in this very moment, is all you need to step forward and live your truth.