The Art of Love - Part One


Today we are indulging in the sweetest subject known by humanity. I invite you to open your heart.

What is love but a beautiful garden in continuous need of nourishment and care?
The essence of love and its meaning has been debated, written and discussed over centuries of time. Philosophers and the greatest poets of our time have created their own meaning of what love truly is but indeed it is the ones who were able to truly experience it, who not only felt love so deeply but lived it in its rawest form that we have learned most, from.

A notion on the art of loving and the truth of what love isn’t

To begin our journey on love, we must first understand the basics of what love, is not.
Love is not selfish; Love is not impatient; Love is not unnatural; Love is not forceful; Love is not stagnant; Love is not unforgiving; Love is not complicated.
Love is not intolerant.

The quest for love
Your quest for love has begun before your birth, your soul has always known what its unique desires were, and starting from your birth you began to experience a love unconditional, as the love of your mother. From this moment your soul understood that you are on a path of seeking and one of discovery – for you’ve always known you’d, one day, reach it, feel it, taste it, know it.
The essence of love begins at the moment of this pure realization. It is this moment of epiphany that allows its mystery to be unveiled, and above all, allows for knowing. - That I love. This knowing comes under different facets for everyone in love, but for all – it will feed their soul’s hunger. It will tame their spirit in a way so peaceful, so natural that it will be as unforeseen as it will be, liberating; and yet it is this realization that brings upon a feeling of reconciliation as it does a feeling of confusion. It is a mixture of both, an explosion of knowing. To love is to feel with thy heart and to understand with thy soul. It is, to find the treasure you have subconsciously searched for an entire lifetime and yet not know what to do with it. – The will to discover it’s given essence will then come in play, and a new pattern of being will emerge within ones heart.

His love
The way love is developed and realized in a man who discovers his treasure is seen in his charismatic ways of becoming a natural protector of the woman he loves. He will now finally understand that his soul has been in search of her goddess like femininity, her tenderness and care as he will become aware that he has not felt a love as hers before. This will be his knowing. In this process of recognizing her, he will finally allow himself to surrender, to become the greatest version of himself, before his own eyes and before hers. A man in love with the woman, who understands his heart without words, becomes a man unstoppable. He is uplifted by her feminine energy and his drive becomes one of a conqueror. A man in love will be honest above all else, understanding that his love is what she has been searching for, he will fight for her love, without reason and in a way, that comes naturally to him, as the protector he is.

A woman – loved
When a woman is loved by her chosen man, she transforms into beautiful art. Her soul begins to bloom and as a flower in the early spring – but her blooming has no end, it has not final destination. It simply continues on its journey – in time, allowing her to become her most beautiful self. It will only take one man in this life time to show her a love that her soul has only been seeking, unknowing where and when he will be brought into her existence, but always knowing that he will. And as he is, she understands that a love as this is the love of the cosmos. Her quest to become his, eternally allows her to transform and taste divinity.

Understanding love
Here and now, understand that love cannot be understood. It can only be allowed to simply be. It can only be felt from the inner depths of thy soul, where it resides and always has. Do not try to place a definite meaning on love for you will not have the capability of defying it in words. Love can only be known by the heart – the heart speaks a different language that only the soul recognizes.

The chaos – a natural part of love
Love has many senses but indeed all it is, is an art, mixed together by the magic of time and space, of knowing and accepting. Love will not be easy –
Love is simple, yet it is not easy. It is not complicated, yet it is a continuous staircase that is to be climbed together. To give up at the signs of discomfort, of struggle and of chaos is merely to give up on your inner calling – for true love does not question its stability when times are hard, as an entity of its own this it simply is not option for love. As it is its own force, love prevails all, it conquers, and it heals. Love can only be created from a place of pure divinity, honesty and rawness of heart. Once it is recognized, true love knows no defeat.

Finding harmony within the world of a man and the world of a woman
As John Gray, Ph.D. stated in his brilliant book, Men are from Mars and Women from Venus, “Men and women generally are unaware that they have different emotional needs. As a result, they do not instinctively know how to support each other. Men typically give in relationships what men want, while women give what they want.” This, Gray discusses, ends with dissatisfaction and resentfulness.

Perhaps the solution to this undesired outcome can come in the form of acknowledgement that our differences are necessary polar opposites that can be understood only from a place of – you guessed it, love. Stepping back and allowing this realization to take life, here the key becomes honest communication with a will to understand the other from a place of pure acceptance.
Understanding that a commitment to one another means a commitment to overcome life’s storms together and to know that all obstacles become lessons that allows for an unbreakable bond; a stronger connection and a realization that communication is a divine solution to our journey’s chaotic moments. While speaking our soul’s desires may at times be necessary even when love is deeply known, for only from this heightened place of genuine will to become a better lover, can we ascend in unity, and can we become the greatest lover and life partner.
Further Gray, states: “A women needs to receive Caring while a man needs trust. A woman needs to receive understanding while a man needs to receive acceptance. A woman needs to receive respect while a man needs to receive appreciation. A woman needs to receive devotion, while a man needs to receive admiration. A woman needs to receive validation, while a man needs to receive approval, a woman needs to receive reassurance, while a man needs to receive encouragement.”
If we would place our focus upon our biological primary needs, instead of lacking communication – the world would become a more harmonious place filled with those in love.

Love – an inner calling to the Universe
How do you know?
The paradox of knowing is – You will not know. Your soul will know, listen closely.

Is love enough?
Love is enough if it is mutual. Love, above all is a construction that is built brick by brick from pure form and genuine will. Once established it has such a power that it begins to change the world. It inspires, it creates and constitutes the most beautiful part of all - it never stops becoming. As the beautiful garden it has grown into, it requires continuous nourishment and a care from deep within one’s heart. - A sole devotion to eternity.