Sweet Surrender: how letting go helps you level up


Hands up. Arms raised. Head high. Surrender is not uber popular in a world that promotes control. It certainly is not easy when you are the one in control. Throwing in the towel or waving the white flag of surrender is not the most alluring image, but sometimes it’s necessary. In this day and age of be brave and stand strong mentality, who actually wants to surrender? I’d like to challenge you to look at surrender in a different way - in a way that will help you level up.  

If you have ever traveled by plane, you are aware of the baggage limits. On most airlines, there is a two-bag limit with weight restrictions. If you want to bring extra or oversized bags, it will cost you a pretty penny with some charges up to $75 or more per bag. That’s money you could be spending on other things. Besides, the extra weight on the plane can put those on the flight in greater danger.  

So often our lives are like this. We hold on to and carry baggage that weighs us down. It often shows up in our mindsets, habits, and relationships. We keep the same fixed mindset instead of adopting a growth one. We do the same thing expecting different results. We hold on to that person we should have let go a long time ago.  

If you truly want to level up in life, it requires letting go. Dropping the baggage of misinformed thinking, bad habits, and unfruitful relationships has many benefits. It lightens your load, elevates you, and helps you to vibrate higher. Your mind will be much clearer. You’ll embrace the right habits. You’ll begin to connect with the right people and cultivate meaningful relationships. Not to mention the clarity, peace, and freedom you’ll gain from releasing some things. 

To help jumpstart you, I’d like to offer a few ways you can begin the journey to sweet surrender.  

  • Read a good book or article to attain some new knowledge. You could start with finding something to help you overcome a bad habit or struggle.  

  • Journal. Writing is cathartic and is a great way to release toxic thoughts and emotions.  

  • Reflect. What lessons did you gain from that relationship that will help you move forward? 

  • Cry.  It’s cost- effective and releases harmful chemicals that build up in your body.  

Letting go may not be the easiest thing to do - especially with relationships; however, there are times when letting go of what was and embracing what will be is in your best interest. Once you get a taste of sweet surrender, it is something you don’t want to do without.