Success Has More Than One Definition


Success. It’s a word that truly has several different definitions. Not necessarily a “textbook” definition but what success means to a person specifically. Nothing brightens up my day more than to witness the success of other people, especially female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. I recently asked a few of my closest friends’ what success meant to them. I was pleasantly surprised by the variation in their responses. 

“Success to me is having continued motivation and strength after repeated attempts of trying and failing and getting better with every attempt. It means not giving up, even when you can't see the end.” - Joy McGee, Workforce Administrator

“Success, to me is living your true, God given purpose and having a positive impact on others while doing so.” - Alicia Grace, Anti Money Laundering Investigator

“Success is wholeheartedly pursuing your passion(s) and making sure you do whatever is necessary to fulfill your goals. Success in not defined by how large your salary is or any credentials you may have. It is when pursue what makes your heart beat!”- Asha Carter, Educator

“Success to me means tapping into one’s God given purpose by creating and maintaining goals in order to achieve balance.” - Shayla Pemberton, CEO/Founder of Urban Hippie Healing Arts

All of their versions of success’ definition made me think about what success meant to me, both past and present. For me, success USED to be based off money, status, likes on social media (from my personal accounts), owning expensive items, having a huge wardrobe and being better than the next person. As I look back on that definition, it seems so materialistic and superficial. Please know, I am not judging anyone that views success in this manner. It was once how I defined my own success. Then, life happened and my definition changed. 

I lost my grandmother and soon after, I lost my mother. Suddenly, all those material items didn’t matter. They didn’t take my pain away or bring my mom and grandmother back. Once the fog lifted, I realized I needed a different purpose. I still wanted to be successful but I wanted my success to be based on so much more than material things. I wanted it to be impactful and to begin building a brand and a legacy. So, I began really paying attention to those around me, especially my closest friends. I understood that to be a success, you need to surround yourself with success. 

Now that I am a full time small business owner and living my best life as an entrepreneur, I see success so differently. Success, to me, is when your life has a positive impact on those around you. Yes, building one of the best businesses and best brands is important to me and will be a large part of my success. Even more so is when my clients, my friends, my family, my followers and even strangers, see my success and it motivates them to follow their dreams & aspirations. As I build my business, my brand and my legacy, I want to help other people, especially women, achieve their goals, personally and professionally. Seeing other women climb to the top with me and live their best life from my influence and support is success for me. So… let’s be SUCCESSFUL together!