Stop Preparing, Start Doing


We all spend a lot of our lives preparing to live, waiting for the perfect moment and circumstances.

Let’s look at an average human life-line: when we are little, our parents are preparing us for kindergarten; once in kindergarten, we are preparing for the 1st grade; then in elementary school we are getting ready for high school, and in high school we are getting ready for college; and then, in college, we are getting prepared for our first job, then first car, then 1st house… Sounds familiar, right? So when in the middle of this entire “preparing” do you actually start living and doing?

Truth is, most (if not all) great hustlers and innovators have the courage to enter situations unprepared because one cannot prepare for the unknown. Much of human success is attributed to that quality of starting first, unprepared. Your leaps in life can be propelled by breaking a societal stigma to wait to start doing something you love doing until you are ready. So you can prepare to change the world, or you can instead, change the world.

Stop preparing to live! Sometimes, well most of the time, life isn’t perfect and you don’t feel like doing something, but you can’t stop the hustle. There’s someone out there, grinding right now, and they want to make their mother proud as much as you do.

Realize something: starting is more important than success. So start doing whatever you desire to do with the idea that world doesn’t owe you anything. You need to get away from the instant gratification: results take time and only show up from doing something. You can’t put a bunch of icing in the oven and expect it to come out with some good cake!

In your life, it all boils down to this question: are you willing to start?

Whether you will end up being the best or the worst, are you willing to stop preparing and just start? Are you willing to stop preparing to change the world and actually change the world?

Starting a new idea or a new business or a new routine in your life is no different than running a marathon: you just start running, physically putting one foot in front of the other. You do not need to prepare to run, you do not need to buy a new pair of Nike shoes nor do you need to create a layout of your color-coordinated outfits. You do not need to use Google maps to map out your route and to calculate your speed either. You just get on the track and run.

Start now start where your arestart with fear start with painstart with doubt start with handshaking.png

Unfortunately, our society today trains us quite differently. We are encouraged that the result is more important than the journey. Social media, athletics and event MBA programs nowadays celebrate the “if you can’t be number 1 or 2 you might as well not play” attitude.

But the truth is much simpler: you can never win if you don’t play! You can never finish anything if you don’t start! If you want to live your ideal lifestyle it’s far more efficient to start and deal with circumstances then to try and figure everything out in advance!

We are all looking at glossy cars and posh looking airbrushed people on social media, thinking how we want to be just that awesome! But people who are truly amazing are obsesses with starting something new and doing something better and becoming something better in the process.

Truth is, you can start first every day. You don’t need to be of certain age, in a certain life position, or with specific circumstances to live your passion. You need to start doing. You cannot predict the unknown or anticipate everything that happens in your life. You have all heard the “your life is a marathon” saying. And it is, but not because you are going to that destination, but because you can never stop running to reach it. And the fact of the matter is: unless you enjoy the scenery, the mistakes, the joys, the victories, and the most incredible people you meet along the way – you are TOTALLY missing the point! You have all heard “YOLO” one too many times, but the “You Only Live Once” is not accurate. No - you live every day. You only die once.

So I hope that today is the day when you stop preparing. And start doing!