Rethinking The Rule Book


Darling hustlers – take out your rule book and redefine your standards.

Lately, I have been feeling in tune with myself more than ever before. My level of alertness has reached new heights and my mind is processing experiences at a higher frequency than before. This makes me wonder, are you also experiencing this?

My heightened awareness has sent me on a quest to revisit my own rule book. What do I mean by a rule book? Okay, let’s step back for a moment and define this.

First I will say that - each woman has her own unique values, morals and standards which she lives by. Written down or not, those values reside within her subconscious mind and through this; each of her life experiences is being filtered. - May be referred to as her own rule book.

What is the best way of describing something if not by example?

My Rule Book

One – Say no to judging others.

  • This is a universal trap that we all have fallen in at one point in our lives – but we must make it a rule to remind ourselves that each person has their own, unique journey.

Two – Become a conscious social media user by being aware of distractions and unproductive social media scrolling.

  • How to use wisely – be aware and give yourself a time limit on social media, read informative articles, stay inspired but don’t spend time refreshing endless posts that do not serve your purpose; above all - have an intention. If you have no reason behind checking it, spend your time towards your goals instead – read a book, go for a walk, exercise. – All those little activities will only serve your health and add value to your life.

Three – Forbid yourself from checking up on the past –if it calls, don’t answer.

  • How to live happily – the past is the past. It does not serve your future. Take the lessons and look only forward. Why? Because you owe it to yourself.

Four – Say no to unproductive inquiries in regards to other people’s Business.

  • About Integrity – Each soul walking the Earth has their vision. Respect it and do not interfere with it.

Five - Saying yes when you want to say no – you are not selfish.

  • Friends, family, and business partners – when it comes to your time, it is up to you to use it wisely. This will absolutely mean, saying no at times. Find the magic in this.

Six - Teach yourself exponential thinking. A vital rule.

  • You’re driving, perhaps, stuck in traffic; your mind wonders off and all of the sudden you have a new, promising idea. You see it clear and get excited about it. You get home you write it down, and forget of it. What you need to do, is ask yourself how can I multiply this, how can I enlarge it? Make it unique? Make it as grant as possible; brainstorm more re-write it down and act on it within the next 24 hrs.

Seven – Do not waste precious time on decisions.

  • I have to confess to you, this one; I had to personally strive to master myself. Deciding between this or that has brought me at times to a place of confusion and therefore loss of interest. I have fallen trap to this and it has cost me opportunities. Learn the art of quick decision making and you will be glad you did.

Eight - Last minute cancellations due to lack of motivation.

  • It is clear, we all have our moments when we feel that this day should be spent in a warm cozy blanked with a tea in thy hand but if you have something that you once thought was important and it is scheduled for today – then create this must rule for yourself that no matter how low your energy may be, you shall push yourself out that door. The biggest opportunities are missed due to simply not showing up. You owe this one to yourself darling go getter.

Nine – Let go of micro managing.

  • When we talk about micro managing most often we refer to employees but micro managing in the long term can also become a personal, silent relationship killer. What we must understand, honestly and accept truly, is that each person has their own way of thinking, being, and dealing with situations. If you have the opportunity to give solicited advice, do so but other than that, stay out of people’s business.

Persistence and repetition out wins challenges. My suggestion for you is to create your own list, based on your own values, write it up and place it somewhere where you can see it every day. Have fun with it, stay true to it and allow it to serve as a beautiful reminder of the powerful creator you are.     Be innovative, female hustler. The positive mental effect this will have on you, will have those around, asking you – what’s your secret?

Always remember, we never see changes from day to day but when we look back a year later – everything has changed.