Put Yourself First Before Anyone Else

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I have known many that have searched for happiness outside themselves only to return empty handed, time and time again.

What is happiness if it's not experienced from within?

Personally, I believe that the constant search for happiness is nothing but a cliché. How dare I make such a statement? Well darling, what I find is that we live inside a constant battle within ourselves. The conflict of accepting ourselves and truly loving ourselves for who we are, with all of our mistakes and that of constantly rising towards higher states, each day transforming into a more evolved woman.

Why do I classify this as the “conflict within”, well the answer lies ahead of us in plain sight. Perhaps we have to learn to balance the desire to become better with the state of loving ourselves wholeheartedly.

But how do we advance our states into learning the balance? Simple, with awareness.

By becoming aware of who we are, and bringing to surface the limitless potential within us.

We are meant for greatness, but the measure which greatness is assessed, relies on each unique soul. We must understand once and for all, that we are the creators of our own Universe and we have the key to our future.

Each morning we wake up, we have a choice to make.

The choice of living life in a way that is fulfilling, genuine and true to ourselves and therefore it is vital that we understand our own needs, our own dreams and desires.

Take a moment now to self-reflect on the essence of you, and breathe in the love you have for yourself first. All else, shall come.