Passion and purpose - Full Marketing


Do you ever sit down to write a Facebook post, a newsletter, a blog, only to hit a total blank?

Do you umm and aahhh about what to say, and then spend another hour deciding whether or not to share what you've written?

So many soulful entrepreneurs get an intense case of the heebie jeebies when it comes to writing marketing content, even feeling that marketing or selling their products is totally soulless and inauthentic for them and their brand.

But what if I told you that you could unlock unlimited inspiration and potential content ideas that make you feel excited, alight and totally jazzed to consistently write, post and share across your business channels?

Even more, what about creating content that is authentic, heart-centred AND powerfully effective?

The thing is building buzz around your brand and generating awareness of, and interest in, your offerings doesn’t have to feel icky. It can feel exciting, empowering and authentic. It can come from a sense of pride in your work, belief in what you do and the certainty that promoting your products/services/offerings will allow you to serve more of the people who need them.

Sounds pretty good right? And it's easier than you might think.

Passion and purpose are innate parts of being a heart-centred entrepreneur, so your ‘why’ - the bigger reason behind what you do - is central and essential to everything in your business, and your marketing is no exception.

Now I know that the importance of clearly defining your ‘Why’ isn’t anything new, but how do you take that ‘Why’ and turn it into a full calendar of marketing content?

The secret to unlimited, heart-centred content ideas is in specific, detailed clarity on each of the elements that contribute to your purpose, and the unique perspective this affords you and only you.

Your ‘Why’ sits within the beautiful, alchemical intersection between your talents, your expertise, your passions, your core values and your life vision.

Talents - what you’re naturally good at/ your innate strengths

Expertise - the skills and experience you’ve gathered

Passions - the things you love, that light you up and make your heart sing

Values - your core priorities in life

Vision - what you want your life to look, feel like, be

Diving into the detail of each of these areas will help you understand your ‘Why’ on a deeper level, remind you of the incredible, unique perspective and experience you have to offer AND it will form the basis of your purpose-full content inspiration.

Ask yourself;

What are my biggest accomplishments in life?

What have I always been naturally good at?

What skills and experience have I gained throughout my life and career?

What can I talk about endlessly?

What feels seamless, easy and exciting?

What are my core personal values?

What is the big, beautiful vision I’m consciously creating?

What difference do I want to make in the world?

The topics that align with your passions, your values and your ‘Why’ are the ones that light you up, get you fizzing with excitement and that you could talk about endlessly. Each response to these questions is a potential topic that you can expand on and explore, so dig deep and get into the juicy details.

When you share your journey, your experience and your gifts from an authentic desire to share, rather than to sell, it allows your passion, enthusiasm and energy to empower your words, strengthening your communications, engaging audience on a deeper level and taking away all those icky sales feelings.