No one promised it would be easy


No one promised it would be easy, but then again it should not be so hard, right? I am constantly straddling the road of Wonder Woman – I have everything under control to Cinderella – someone come save me. My Wonder Woman days are littered with selfies and mantras and my Cinderella days, I just sleep in all day and stuff my face (at least I don’t have to do house chores). But guess what? I wake up the next day, crawl out from under those sheets and go back to my selfies and mantras. And you know why I do that? Because I am a powerful woman who is empowered by this knowledge of my power (notice the play of words I did there? Lol.)

We constantly underestimate our power when we fall in to the bad patches and somehow think we deserve them… news flash hun, you deserve the very best in life and its time you start acting like you know that! An inspirational saying I once heard goes like this: People often believe in you more than you do yourself, and they are usually right. I loved this the moment I heard it but I decided to spin it, personalize it and make it even better, so here it goes… I used to believe people believed in me more than I did myself, then I met me and my tune changed, I am my number one fun. I believe we all should adapt this, because guess what? You are a powerful woman who should feel empowered by the knowledge of her power. So, on those bad days remember,

No one said it would be easy
Life is not meant to be peachy and rosy
In fact, it is full of puzzles and quite tricky
A tad bit too unnecessarily uneasy if you ask me
But I choose not to succumb to this
I choose to focus and keep working on my dreams
I choose to let go of my losses and concentrate on my gains
I choose to wake each day blessed to play at this life game
Because no one said it would be easy,
but it would be worth it if I keep at it.