Let’s Shape a Culture of Kindness in Our Workplace


“A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money," - John Ruskin

We preach about kindness wherever we go, but do we practice them in our workplace? In a highly competitive environment, it’s challenging to spread kind words amid the stress, deadlines, and office politics. However, it’s possible. There are many ways to practice kindness towards our managers and colleagues on weekdays. Let’s start with something simple.

1. Expressing compliments and encouragements

Confidence boosts keep us going. When your colleague excels in his presentation or earns her first job promotion, be the one who throws the confetti. Celebrate with a round of compliments and tell your colleague they deserve it. Encouragements are always welcomed in a positive working culture. Be the colleague who spreads joy, not jealousy in a workplace.

2. Being helpful to others

If you have time to spare, a helping hand is always appreciated in the office. Look for someone in your workplace who could use the extra help and then, offer your assistance. If your colleague needs another volunteer for the company’s charity event or organiser for the boss’ birthday, let them know. Good karma comes to those who help others.

3. Asking a new colleague out for lunch

It’s tough for a new colleague or intern to socialise on their first day. Most of the time, they’re too shy to ask you out for lunch. How about you make the first move instead? Invite them out for lunch and introduce some great restaurants around your area. Lunchtime is the best chance to build a rapport with someone new in a laid-back atmosphere.

4. Buying someone coffee

Do you know a hard-working colleague who needs caffeine boost? The web developer who stayed back to fix a bug or the writer who arrived early to keep up with her deadlines? Surprise someone with a cup of coffee, and truthfully, this effort doesn’t cost much. In return, you’ll put a smile on their face, knowing there’s a colleague who is encouraging them to hustle on.

To paraphrase art critic John Ruskin, a little thought and kindness go a long way. It doesn’t take much effort to bring niceness into your workplace. If you know someone who needs help, let them know. If you notice a new colleague, ask them out for lunch. The foundation of a positive workplace culture is kindness, and it begins with you.