Invest In Your Vision


I believe in bottom lines, not just when it comes to relationships but any real goal you desire to accomplish. There comes a time when exceptions and excuses go out the window. 

Though excellence has never been exempt from errors, margins monitor the amount of mistakes you make along the way. You can't operate successfully, free of boundaries. It's not about what you're trying to block out so much as to what you must filter flowing in. There are some things that can no longer occupy the same space as you because they simply don’t have the capacity to function in the next dimension you’re going to. This may mean cutting toxic ties to people who have more in common with your past than your future. It could lead to you walking away from a job where you’re comfortable but no longer growing. There’s a strong possibility you’ll sacrifice shopping sprees for financial stability so you can invest in your vision. I’m sure there will be times you’ll substitute your usual social outings for networking with likeminded entrepreneurs who share similar business plans. Either way, you can’t get through the process until you get serious about your progress. 

I encourage you to pursue the deepest desires of your heart unapologetically and relentlessly no matter what you have to leave behind to become the best and highest version of yourself, while making it a DAILY priorty to accomplish what you were born to do.