Have you ever lost something that was really valuable? I know for sure I have and even with the replacement, that void remained. What if I told you that others would feel the same way if they lost the real you? 

We are bombarded daily with what  “ideal” beauty, success, relationships and happiness should look like. And without much effort, we almost fall into a pattern of trying to mirror these things at the cost of our own identity, creativity and originality. One thing that’s important to know is, YOU ARE YOU FOR A REASON. Everyone won’t agree with the way you are nor how you do things but if one life is impacted by your good deed, if one individual finds hope in the light that you shine in the midst of their darkness, if one person is inspired by your passion, you can never again see yourself as average because the very thing that the world calls odd and useless is the exact trait that makes you rare enough to change the world in extraordinary ways. Celebrate the awkward, unique, clumsy, least praised parts of youreslf because there is a lock that only your key fits perfectly into, opening a world of unknown potential and possibilities that are just waiting to be tapped into. 

If you read that and cringed at the very thought of removing masks and letting down your guard to be REALLY seen by all kinds of critics and at risk of being mocked by naysayers, we’re on the same page. It’s not easy and it will require practice that eventually turns into a daily habit but you have to start somewhere, considering the fact that you’re someone’s unanswered prayer. Being a woman is hard enough with all of the changes our bodies naturally put us through, then we walk outside and are told that because of our gender we don’t quite qualify for the same rights, like we’re some weak fragile creatures with very little to contribute to this broken society. Did I mention that we sometimes are just as harsh towards one another? But on this day and every one that follows, I stand with you as you bravely take a step into being your true authentic self. You’re not alone. We all want to break free and be accepted for who we are inside and not who the outsiders say we should be. Fight the urge to fold against the pressure but most importantly, remember the exclusive gem you are and the price so many are willing to pay just to experience the wonderful change you’re sure to bring to this world. Push forth and shine through.