How to go from temporary motivated to accomplished


It is 6:22 am, the alarm rings. My eyes wide open. I take a moment of gratitude and smile; breathing deeply as I give thanks and journey my way out of the bed.

The morning in person in me – is thankful.

Today we are talking – motivation.

Although, I believe in being inspired, my knowledge of motivation being a part of success has become a raw awakening to the self within that knows that motivation is nothing but an imprinted metaphor that is made to be something it is simply not.

A thought starter for all my female hustlers

In a way, motivation can become a shadow of false pretense for the moment we find ourselves deeply captured by the temporary feelings of “can do” after watching a motivational video, or read an early morning quote, but the key mention here is “temporary” as we are only temporary motivated and within moments, and due to our shortened attention span, we carry on with our lives without making changes, in 99% of the case. The truth is, motivation has a hidden, momentary beauty but in reality, it does little to us on a life changing scale.

Finding a way to the end results of our creations begins with us. It begins with a genuine will to transpose from the norm, to be humble in our path and therefore be truthful to our goals. It is within us that the key to accomplished is found, and not within external sources.

If we dive deep within our hearts and ask ourselves an honest question, am I on the right path towards my purpose? A question not easy for all to answer, because it requires us to go deep inside our souls, and search for an answer we may still be seeking and therefore not yet found, but as long as we continue to ask this question, and be real with our quest to find purpose in our work, then half of the solution to our goals has already taken life.

What is important in contrast to motivation?

The answer is simple. Each moment of our lives, we are faced with decisions. The decisions we make shape our environment in a way that is positive, or on the contrary, negative. The simplicity of this is found in the choice. – I choose to live the life I desire by making conscious micro choices each day which shapes who I am as an individual.

To go further, you must master the art of tackling hesitation. Hesitation is a killer of dreams and the driver of procrastination but if you find a way to overcome hesitation, you will find yourself on the path of success, sooner than ever expected. 

A life changing moment awaits you, should you choose to become consciously aware of your words, feelings and actions.

I say now, don’t look for motivation in places external from yourself, because you will find yourself going in circles of non-achievement. Do – become honest in your quest and say goodbye to waiting for something to happen, and waiting to become motivated. You may never be fully ready. Don’t wait. You are one choice away from a completely different life.