How to be an overnight success


All of a sudden everyone around me is flourishing, they all seem to be so influential and wealthy.

It is like one minute they have nothing then the next, “BOOM!!” They are millionaires, their businesses are successful and we are now hearing about them. To the stranger walking on the streets it will seem like it was overnight but as I got to witness their day to day activities and what they have done I learnt that they have come a long way and that their success is really something that took more than one night.

We all want to be successful, if you don’t, I know I do but we have the tendency to “do a few sit ups and immediately check if we have abs”. We lack the patience plus some of us don’t have the boldness to give up the expensive things we have so we can start that business or to give up the little things that we love so we can study for that course or to wake up a little earlier so we can get in that workout.

Say you do all of the things that make things happen but if your dream is not like a pregnancy .i.e. it doesn’t show signs of materialisation until it is done you will get frustrated and maybe even give up or change your confessions about the outcome and that is where most of us falter, we forget that for as much as there is winter, summer will come even if the end of winter will still be a little bit chilly and even though the winter may not show signs of ending, it will end.

Patience is a virtue that we all need to exercise, it’s not a matter of how you feel today or how the weather looks, and rather it’s a matter of what you see at the end of the tunnel.

So how do I become successful overnight? You ask, well the answer is very simple:

Plan out the end product (goal), see it (visualise it) and write it down, then wake up and work for it, make the necessary sacrifices: if you have to cut on spending so you can get yourself through college, do it. If you have to cut off nights out or put in late nights and early mornings just so you have enough time to work on your dream business do just that. Don’t wait for everything to fall apart until you realise that your dream is worth all the sacrifices.

The people you see as being successful today did not just suddenly become successful, it took a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice to finally have that ‘sudden' moment; that overnight success.

Therefore there really is no easy or overnight success unless if by overnight you mean a few weeks, a few sleepless nights later, a few months or even years later that’s what I also mean.