How To Achieve Your Health Goals SMART


You cannot reach your goals without first setting up your goals. And if you're really serious about achieving your goals, then make them SMART ones. SMART stands for: Specific. Measurable. Accountable. Realistic. Timeframe. Setting SMART goals help you understand your purpose, keeps you focused and increases your chances of achieving your goals.

Set Specific Goals

When you set your health goals, ask your yourself, who are you doing this for, what are you trying to do, how will you meet this goal, when or by what date do you want to make this goal and most importantly is why. Your why will be your constant motivator. On the days you are struggling remind yourself of your why. Use a vision board or create a story for yourself to show you how your life will change once you reach your goal.

Measure Your Progress

Now that you have your specific goals, how do you measure them? You do it by setting concrete target dates and tracking your progress. Start by stating what your purpose is.  For example, is the purpose to lose inches, pounds or do you simply want your clothes to fit better? Also, decide what the timeframe is to reach your goal.  

Hold Yourself Accountable

Changing your lifestyle habits is not easy so you need to find a way to keep yourself motivated and accountable.  Use a journal, diary, calendar, or app to keep focused on your goals. Charting your progress allows you to see if you are on track and if not, you can easily see where or when changes to your goals should be made. Also, actually seeing the progress you are making is a huge motivator to keep going.

Keep the Goals Realistic and Relevant 

Goals cannot be achieved if they are not realistic or attainable. To make your goals attainable, you must develop the attitudes, abilities, skills and be financially capable to reach them. When you set your health goals, stay clear of fad diets or crazy workout routines. Make sure the goals you set are something you can sustain for the rest of your life both physically as well as financially.  How wonderful would it be able to hire a personal chef to make you healthy meals or a personal trainer to help you reach your workout goals? Well, unless you have that type of money to spare, you need to find a realistic way to reach your health goals.

Establish Timely Goals

Lastly, your goals should have a time-frame. Don’t set a goal that includes “someday”. Someday is vague and cannot be measured.  Set a firm start and end date so that you can measure your progress.