How Managing In The Middle Is The Best Way To Success

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I always envisioned it all happening at once, more like a rush instead of a slow leak but a big part of the process is managing the middle until you reach the top. Greatness can be tricky but if you trust God’s timing, there’s a triumphant end to the tests and trials you’ve endured.

So with that being said, for all it’s worth, get through the obstacle course. On one hand, opportunity will open doors that opposition will be waiting on the other side, but your business plan is stronger than the barriers thrown your way to stop it. There will be days that the cheering is so loud, it’ll motivate you to move mountains and then your critics will make you want to run and hide behind them but extraordinary change is birthed through excruciating pain. Flawed people with imperfect journeys are more inspired by what you have survived than what you were able to avoid. And right before the liftoffs, a series of letdowns may occur to see how bad you really want it. Just follow the learning curve. Without disappointments and detours, you would never know how all the wrong turns helped you find the right road. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it done a million times in many ways, they still need your method. Someone is searching for the ideas, inventions, and intelligence you have yet to release. The rewards of risks are available to those who have identified the threats and still feel they have what it takes to go all the way. Don’t be shaken by the rejection of your brilliance babe. They wouldn’t be trying to block your next move if they weren’t afraid of what you are about to do. BELIEVE IN YOU, even when it’s just you.