How Knowing Who You Are Can Propel You Forward


Most times we refer to the ‘skill’ of knowing oneself as the ability to help us know our weaknesses and capitalise on our strengths but I have come to refer to it not only as that but also as the ability to know the kind of company I ought to keep in order to capitalise on those strengths and achieve my goals.

Often times concept of “bad company corrupts good character” is stressed a lot around us in different forms and at times it is very clear what to do but most times there is no manual as to what to do when you have never had the ability to stand on your own or when you have no strength to identify within yourself to help you keep away from the “bad company” or rather what to do when the bad company lives under that same roof as you without ruining the relationship you have : my point being there are situations where you don’t have a choice but to keep the bad company.

Now in my opinion this is where knowing who you are comes in. Having a set of beliefs is one thing but having a strong conviction to keep those beliefs is another. I  have lived with all sorts of characters in my life most of which did not even believe in me or understand me when I took a chance to write my first stage play at age 11,it was discouraging to live under such circumstances, where nobody sees what you see, even when you try telling them what you see for yourself in the future, all they see is your age, your ‘crazy’ state of mind and your inability to understand how the world works and instead of getting better, these discouraging words got worse as I got older.

In all of this what has kept me going, what enabled me to reach my goals and put my potential to work was the knowledge that I had of who I am, at first they swayed me: from my family to the neighbours and all the other kids who told me that they were better than me (literally, they said such to my face).I decided to paint a picture in my mind of who I am and since then I have been looking at it each time someone looks at me and says “you’re not good enough” or “no, we can’t help you”. Knowing my strengths, talents and sticking to my beliefs has opened so many doors for me and today as a young adult I can proudly say if I had allowed the people around me to define me I would have been nothing but a failure. My interactions are no longer confined to viewing people as “bad company” but as potential investors in my ever growing vocabulary, I have learnt to use encounters with all sorts of characters as a learning curve, you never know what you might learn by just letting someone talk you down.

It is very important to know who you are, know your potential and know what you want so that when the circumstances of this world say that you are not, you will be able to say “I AM!” with conviction because you know inside that even if you really aren’t you have what it takes to become. Get your own, on your own terms, for yourself no matter your age you can be the BOSS and as long as you know you can, who am I to say otherwise.