Fall away


If you ever pay attention to the transitions in between seasons, they'll teach you a lot. 

Look around. Leaves are turning brown, withering and detaching themselves from the branches they once clung to for stability. A cool morning breeze has already replaced the burning heat. Layers of clothing will soon be added to daily wardrobes to shield the chills, a natural response to new climate. Inevitably, you'll shed people the same way. A shift will happen, forcing weak links to let go so they no longer hinder your potential to flourish and grow. Like the temperature, your old temperament will change. You'll view the world from a new lens, no longer affected by what stays and who goes. Without fail, you'll find a way to keep yourself warm against the cutting cold and succeed in the very place others thought you wouldn't survive in after they walked away. When the truth is, they were the dead weight holding you back. 

Fall gives the best visual for what I just explained above. It is the midway point between summer and winter. A lot of people's favorite time of year, not hot nor freezing. However, it passes very quickly and you'll miss the entire thing if you aren't aware. The same goes for where you are in this very moment. There are relationships, friendships, partnerships, jobs, lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors that don't have the capacity to accompany you any further on your travels. Instead of interfering with the process and trying to stop it from happening, prepare for it and embrace it when it comes. It's the world's way of adjusting to your growth and making room for where you're going. Why do you keep trying to function with parts that don't fit? Release them. That new beginning you've been hoping for is finally ready, officially here.

Your dreams should stay, your career goals, your strong circle of support, the desire to evolve into the highest and best version of yourself is all welcomed to stay but let everything else fall...hit the ground, and fade away. 

This is perfect weather to win again.