#CEOMINDSET - Are you asking for permission or giving notice?


I can't help but get fired up by this question - the first time I was asked, it literally sent shivers down my spine.  It caused me to stand a little taller, throw my shoulders back and answer with confidence.... 'Giving notice'.... I think.

I realized at that moment there was a problem. The part of my brain and heart that snapped to attention at this question couldn't override the gut check it caused. You see In my mind I'm a no BS, take charge BOSS. Who is dishing out commands, getting shit done and building my empire.  However in reality - I'm still waiting.  I'm waiting for my website to be perfect. I'm waiting for my next talk. I'm gearing up for that launch I've been talking about for months and setting coffee dates with no real end in mind. You see I'm making things happen just not the right things.

When you live your life waiting and hoping for approval you stay stuck. It's as if you're up to your ankles in quicksand and although it's difficult to move you just decide to sit and wait for help instead.

That part of my brain that spiked at this notion of giving notice wasn't lying to me.  There is a part of me, a part of my consciousness that sees me there. That knows that, THAT is exactly what I should be doing. It's in alignment; but you see there are these things called stories. These things called your beliefs that before you can move a hair you've got to recognize. Honor. Appreciate and then kiss and release.

To live a life of greatness requires not only skill, confidence but courage - because there will be knock down, drag out moments (mainly with yourself) that you need to be prepared for.  There will be moments where you need to check your thoughts, your feelings at the door and walk through like the bad ass you know you can be.

So when you think of the question: Are you asking for permission or giving notice? My wish for you is that you not only stand a little taller, cock your shoulders back and stick up your chin but that you feel it in your soul. I want you to let that sink in and become engrained in your DNA - I want it to move over you like honey and become so solid that it is you.  

Being a boss babe isn't just about owning and commanding, doing and living this lavish lifestyle - it requires a CEO mindset. So let's not forget that CEOs run shit and they are the ones in control.  They have the interest of everyone involved at heart. They lead by example and are the first to put on the mask before helping others because they understand exactly how that serves the whole.

Ladies, I ask you do you want to spend your days asking for permission to go. To move. To be or are you ready to GIVE NOTICE and take and lead?